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  1. 60 TD's is insurmountable. Manning is #1 with Ryan at a close #2.
  2. This is absolutely correct, but you can win both ways. I wouldn't call Pete Carroll a strategist either, but he surrounded himself with great coaches and personnel. Quinn is literally copying that model, and was a victim of his own success. Quinn's biggest downfall was his pride in retaining Shanahan disciples. Had he done that, I doubt that this would even be a conversation. With that being said, the only way to future-proof your team is to hire a strategist. They know their system as good (if not better) than their coordinators, so it doesn't matter as much if staff leaves. This is what makes Belichick, Sean Peyton, and Andy Reid so good. I was hoping for that defensively with Quinn, but it's now obvious that his success as a coordinator in Seattle was due to a unique blend of talent that was perfect for the cover 3/ 4-3 under.
  3. Should be to the RB in the flat with no one within 25 yards of him downfield.
  4. The crazy thing is that he actually had some good reps when he played.
  5. I don't foresee any team making a significant signing until after June 1st. I think there will be some surprises then. I think Clowney will ultimately get less than Fowler did. I think he will end up at $12-13M. Maybe less (like Beasley). I can see it being a 1-year prove-it deal as well. You simply can't pay a premium for a guy who's never had a 10-sack year, and only gave you 3 in 13 games last year. He's overvalued himself. I wouldn't be surprised if the Falcons end up being creative and grab him, either.
  6. It's been reported since draft day. Walterfootball stated it too.
  7. Before injury, he had a ton of promise. Norwood would be another I'd think about in that spot.
  8. Byron Hanspard and Rod Coleman. I would have said John Abraham and Pat Kerney, but they probably wouldn't qualify. lol
  9. Nice. I think we go 11-5 as well, but split with TB and win the Dallas game. With them having a new OC and COVID19 effecting the offseason, I just don't think they will be full-speed on offense by week 2
  10. Here's how I would conduct tonight's draft. Stand pat at 16 If Kinlaw, Brown, or Henderson fall to 16, then take them there If more than 1 is available, take the DL first If none of them are there, trade back into the late first round and go safety (Delpit, McKinney) If we make a pick at 16, Go Safety in the second round. (Chinn, Davis, Dugger or Winfield) ****Very Important, as I project all satisfactory safeties to be gone by the end of round 2. Go Corner in the third.(Dantzler, Ojemudia, Hall) - Dantzler is my favorite choice behind Okudah and Henderson. Go EDGE and LB (or OL) in the fourth (Edge = Taylor, Willekes, Highsmith, Jennings, Robinson. LB = Dye, Davion Taylor, Gay, Strnad) If we trade back and get a safety in round 1 Best DE available with the first pick in round 2 (YGM, Lewis, and possibly Epenesa or Chaisson) Best DL available with the second pick in round 2 (Elliott, Blacklock, Madibuike, Gallimore, Davis) Go Corner in the third.(Dantzler, Ojemudia, Hall) - Dantzler is my favorite choice behind Okudah and Henderson. Go LB and OL in the fourth (LB = Dye, Davion Taylor, Gay, Strnad. OL = Muti, Baidasz, Hennessy, Harris, Sternberg, Lemieux) Best player available in the 7th. Sign Blankenship, Bryce Huff, Calvin Throckmorton, Michael Divinity, Levonta Taylor (FS), and one of the Davis twins as UFA's)
  11. Exactly. He lost the very thing that made him a unicorn. He was still a very good back afterwards, but better conditioning would have put him in other conversations. That's all I'm saying.
  12. With all of the criticism, I simply have one question: Will any past running back for the Falcons make the hall? I named other non-Superbowl-winning RB's that did. That's your answer. We've had good backs. We just have not had a HOF back.
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