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  1. I'm glad you keep pointing to stats. They show that Julio has more targets per game, receptions per game, yards per game, etc. Julio's best season is better than Randy's best season. Randy exceeds Julio in only two categories; TD's and yards per reception (narrowly). Check it out. The one point I'll give you is that JJ needs to stay healthy. My argument is mute if he can't stay on the field. Randy had an 11 year stretch where he only missed a total of 6 games. That's remarkable, and also a function of his playing style. He avoided routes that would put him in harm's way.
  2. Why do you say that? What's your rationale? Julio is only half way through his career. He's a complete WR. He runs every route. He blocks fantastically in the run game. He's one of the league's foremost vertical threats. he makes circus catches in big games. Randy never blocked. He ran half of the route tree. He was simply a dominant jump ball receiver with track speed. The same can be said for JJ.
  3. JJ is better than Moss because he can run the entire route tree, and his speed is comparable. Moss pretty much ran 3 routes (Fly, Post, Corner) JJ is better than Owens because he is faster. Jerry is the GOAT. He played in a much more physical league, and ran every route. Julio can be like him, but must have unusual longevity. I'm not sure that will be possible.
  4. QB: Matt Ryan FB: Ovie Mughelli HB1: Michael Turner HB2: Devonta Freeman (Will be better than Dunn) WR1: Roddy White WR2: Julio Jones WR3: Mohamed Sanu TE1: Tony Gonzalez TE2: Alge Crumpler LT: Jake Matthews LG: Justin Blalock C: Alex Mack RG: Harvey Dahl RT: Tyson Clabo DE: John Abraham DT: Rod Coleman DT: Dontari Poe (Multiple Pro Bowls puts him over Babs) DE: Vic Beasley (Kerney only had 4 double-digit sack seasons in his career. Vic will have more). WLB: Deion Jones (At LB, just trying to get the best 3 on the field. Peterson and Lofton were close). MLB: Keith Brooking SLB: Sean Weatherspoon CB: Brent Grimes CB: Desmond Trufant FS: Thomas Decoud (Wanted to put someone else here, but Decoud was it) SS: William Moore K: Matt Bryant P: Matt Bosher KR/PR: Devin Hester
  5. Technically Mack took a small step backward between his breakout 2nd year and his third year. Less tackles and 4 less sacks. He was still considered dominant. Ijs.
  6. 13-3 with a first round bye Matt throws for 4500 with his highest efficiency ever. Very few picks. Wins MVP again. Tevin and Devonta combine for 2100 rushing yards, 1000 passing yards and 27 TDs Beasley records 15+ sacks. Grady gets 8 sacks and starts drawing Aaron Donald comps Poe gets 6 sacks and has his best ever season Both Keanu & Rico go to the pro bowl Justin Hardy has a 40 catch season Eric Saubert ends up being our number 1 TE Deion Jones has more INT's than any of our DB's (again) Campbell gets 5+ sacks rushing at SAM Rematch with GB in the NFC Championship. ATL wins by 3 TD's Atlanta beats the Houston Texans in the Superbowl (Houston over NE in the AFC Championship in a defensive game. Watson shows up). Julio plays every game. Takk gets 8+ sacks just because the other rushers force QB traffic to his side. Duke gets DROY with 100+ tackles, 3 int's, 4 FF, 4 sacks, and a punt block. Bold enough?
  7. I'm sure fatigue played a factor, but they started getting picked on the minute we switched from man to zone. Collins needs to be in more man concepts to use his greatest asset: his size.
  8. I think that he will be recognized as one of the top rookie TE's right behind Howard and Engram. He's got the potential to be great.
  9. He's been eating too many crumpets at Cam's tea parties.
  10. Maybe. My opinion is that they graded Harlow nearly as high as the other two. There must not have been enough difference in the other linemen for them to take one earlier.
  11. I think the Falcons would have considered Eflein of Feeney. Willis was out because of the Takk pic. Anyway, it was a good job of finding value.
  12. Me too. Not even in the ballpark. It also shows that you really cant rely on anyone's big board either. They were just as bad.
  13. Yes he can. I've projected him in several mocks.