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  1. The real issue with the team this year was pass protection. Ryan with time is a marksman. Ryan when hurried, not so much. There wasn't as much time for longer routes to develop, hence more dink and dunk. Fix the OL and watch them become more aggressive.
  2. Real talk, he grew up a Falcons fan. It's a front. Conyers, GA.
  3. I like him, but I don't believe that he's a run stopper. If we don't resign Poe, we need a player that will keep our LB's clean. This guy does a good job getting up the field, but may not be a plugger. He'd be great on passing downs.
  4. This.............Almost. lol
  5. Beasley was getting held all night. I couldn't believe the refs didn't throw a flag on a couple of his rushes.
  6. That's why he fell to the second round in my mock posted here.
  7. I said it once, and I'll say it again: We are not a good Zone-Defensive team. The prevent that we run is an invitation for an easy touchdown. We don't have the adequate awareness.
  8. I'd take a flyer on JG too. It'll surely be a "prove it" contract wherever he goes. Can you imagine him in the slot with Julio and Sanu? That's a QB's dream.
  9. I have a few that I like. Simmie Cobbs, Jr. Equanimeous St. Brown Dante Pettis D.J. Chark Michael Gallup Steve Ishmael
  10. I said from the offset that our players are not very good in zone defense (point 5). Even when they play all out, their recognition is simply not as fast as it should be. That's the reason that we give up leads in zone. Not effort. When playing with the lead, we should want to run the same scheme that got us the lead in the first place. If a man scheme provided that lead, then don't switch until the other team is buried. Then run your zone in garbage time with the second team if you choose. We exude too much energy in zone concepts by dealing with extended drives anyway. As a D-lineman, I always hated it when coaches are simply handing over 5-10 yard routes because of pads to the outside. As a player, I want to force a 3 & out as soon as possible. For the Falcons, that happens in man coverage. Other teams do better in zone and can get away with it. We have tried to "Out-Athlete" other teams in the draft and FA. Now put that athleticism to work and bury your opponents.
  11. Played extensively as a 250-310 lb DE/DT over the years. I know.
  12. Zone makes you blow leads........
  13. Just a little better. They both aren't great decision makers in the punt game. He's definitely faster
  14. When we are up, Quinn switches to the soft zone and just tries to keep the clock running with good tackling. I want to see consistent pressure throughout. For us, that also means man concepts.