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  1. It's simple. If one of them falls to you, you take him.
  2. Catch 22. If Cousins actually throws the ball instead of the pump-fake, and Beasley clocks him, I guarantee he would have been flagged.
  3. Maybe Etling instead?
  4. Cominsky Marcus Green Jordan Miller Shede Gage
  5. Not bad, but I wish his feet were quicker out of the breaks. He's going to have to use his body to shield defenders to be effective in tight quarters.
  6. After a long career, he will commentate for one of the major networks.
  7. Wow. Great balance. Electric feet. Very sudden movements. SPEEEEEEEED! Really not sure why this guy went undrafted. I really hope he sticks. I'd love to see him in the preseason with the first team O-line. He looks alot like Phillip Lindsay. I also noticed that NDSU ran a ton of outside zone. Lot's of "One cut and go" type of runs.
  8. Decent in pass protection. I'd like to see him run a little lower when finishing runs. Good vision and open field running. His QB was trash. Played scared that entire game.
  9. My bad. I see the sarcasm now.
  10. Rico's prowess with alignments is a learned skill. It simply takes time in the film room. Ball hawking is not learned. You either have it or you don't. If you honestly believe that after a full season on the job as the #1 guy (and a full offseason) that Kazee's ability to diagnose, align the defense, and make better decisions won't increase, then I question your knowledge of football. You've got to keep Kazee in a position to make plays with the ball in front of him. He's shown too many times that his strength is there. I also don't believe that Rico will be 100% with his former explosion in 1 year. I've consistently said that Achilles injuries are two-year injuries. They may tinker with Kazee at NB early, but I fully expect him to be the starting FS for the majority of the year. Nothing personal, but your rationale just doesn't account for innate abilities.
  11. My thoughts exactly. Rico is a good player, but you leave ball hawks alone. Turnovers are king.
  12. They can get the capital up pretty quickly with Julio and Grady extensions/restructures. They are sitting at $5.1M in cap space after the projected rookie deals, and that's before Schraeder's June 1 cut designation. His cut will save an additional $4M. They can make another substantial move or two.
  13. Put Rico at NB. He's done it well before. Leave Kazee alone, and let him be the FS. When you find a shoe that fits well, wear it out.
  14. Use him and/or Green like the Saints would use Sproles.