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  1. I think the outdoor weather was a bit of a factor in that game for both teams.
  2. Phillys defense destroyed us last year about the only team to do so. Not sure that would be a good match up even with foles.
  3. Hate to kick Sark out after a short stent and midseason but Kubiak is a rare opportunity.
  4. We'll be 0-4 against the AFC, but 3-0 against the NFC. Not the worst position to be in, but it'd be devastating to moral to be 3-4 with 4 straight losses.
  5. Outside of the philly game last year our offense never looked as bad as it has the last couple games.
  6. The offense only scored 17 points and turned the ball over. That's not a recipe for success.
  7. I'd love to have bowman in a rotational roll on this team. I think his veteran experience and leadership could be helpful to our young guys. That guy has been a real pain in our *** when we've played the 49ers in years past.
  8. Looking a lot more like the 2015 falcons instead of 2016.
  9. Looks like he's improved a lot so far.
  10. Did he not see the last drive?
  11. That Viking defense is scary.
  12. Saints defense in midseason form on that drive.
  13. Hate to see players get hurt, big loss for them. I could only imagine how bad the Right side of our line would look If Schraeder went down with Schweitzer struggling so far.
  14. May be turning this off soon lol.