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  1. Our best defender dropped pass finally showed up.
  2. Nah they wouldn't beat us but it'd be a shoot out.
  3. UGA still has a chance to make cfb playoffs but they dont look good enough to pull it off.
  4. I don't even know why I watch anymore.
  5. Cant blame him for wanting to be fired at this point. This defense doo doo.
  6. I'd rather see us run off 11 straight wins.
  7. Ryan has been great for us and is by far the best QB we've ever had.
  8. I'm feeling pretty salty watching the 49ers do well with Shanahan. After he did us dirty by not running the ball in the superbowl and then left town. Quinn had a good stretch as a defensive coach here. He got the most from the barren talent he had in 2015, and then had a good defense from the 2nd half of 2016 that carried over into 2017. I really expected our defense to be pretty good this year which hurts. It looks like the league has passed Quinn's style of defense by and we need to rebuild it only keeping Grady and Jones. I really hate being let down by this team every year. I could stomach the 7-9 last year but this year this team is just bad from the start. Just gotta stick it out and hope we at least beat the saints twice. Have an amazing draft and get the best OC as a coach this offseason.
  9. That third and long given up to the colts almost killed me anyway.
  10. With our schedule I knew we would be off to a bad start if we weren't a good-great team. It's even worse than that, we're a bad team and no one really knows why. At least we beat the eagles, now we just need to beat the saints twice and have a good offseason.
  11. Our defense is trash.
  12. Our collective worries about Koetter in the offseason have come to fruition. I just don't think Koetter is the answer for our offense. Not sure we can fix it. There is no creativity or persistence in the run game. This leads to our offensive line getting their butts kicked and our offense being inconsistent. We can move the ball because of our talent but the turnovers and inconsistency I believe points to Koetter.
  13. Move the ball just well enough to disappoint the fans.
  14. Forced 3 fumbles 0 recoveries.
  15. What did we do to make the refs hate us?
  16. Sucks we had to wait all offseason for this crap.
  17. Wow titans dumb for not making it a 3 score game.
  18. On the bright side of things we dont have to worry about the 2019 Falcons blowing leads.
  19. Well guess we get to look forward to the draft. Wonder who we are drafting with our top 10 pick?
  20. Their defense is playing better than our defense. Their offense is playing better than our offense. Their kicker is playing better than our kicker. Their punter is playing better than our punter.
  21. We need dropped pass to show up on defense more often. Might be our best defender out there.
  22. Poor decision to play action there.
  23. Our defensive line looks good for the most part, but the rest of our defense looks like trash.
  24. We missed tackles all game. The colts defense didnt work at all in the 2nd half.