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  1. What make Sanu tough to replace isn't the production but the consistency.
  2. Wes has proven the last couple years that if he is playing we have a glaring hole on the OL.
  3. I would have rather kept him and put more emphasis on replacing free in the draft. Coleman was an underutilized weapon in our offense with Sark the last couple years.
  4. Maybe reached a bit but they've got to be more talented than what we've been putting out there on the Oline. That's been our biggest weakness outside of 2016.
  5. Love seeing all the competition/depth on the oline. Ryan has taken a lot of hits in his career and isn't getting younger.
  6. I'd like to see it tried out in preseason before committing to regular season for this.
  7. Julio was a little inconsistent last year but still lead the league in receiving yards. The threat of him in our offense makes us expect to be top 5 and at least puts us in the top 10. I cant say we'd have those expectations without him. I think he deserves top money next year. I am worried injuries/age are going to catch up with him but I'd rather have him on the team than not. He's still our best player right now.
  8. Schrader had an awesome career for us as an UDFA. Hated seeing his play decline but he was a great Falcon.
  9. Alf, tru and Collins all played well for us at one point or another. Sure Collins turned out to be a bust due to off field issues. We also had Grimes and Poole as udfa gems. Too early to tell on Oliver he was going to have a learning curve coming out of a small school. I imagine you can pick any team in the league and they'll have just as many misses at CB.
  10. Running the ball is important to help your offensive line and protect the QB.
  11. Feels like I'm watching two really bad teams.
  12. We just need a more physical RB (like Freeman pre injuries) and a couple of better offensive linemen. A more balanced attack gives ryan more time to pass.
  13. Looks like we'll be drafting pretty high in the first round
  14. The Ricardo allen injury hurts us a lot, but we still have one potentially good safety in kazee. I think if our offense can carry the team until Jones comes back from injury (week 10?) We can still make a playoff push similar to 2016.
  15. Although it was a cheap shot, cam should make a business decision (like the superbowl fumble) before running the ball upfield against this defense.
  16. I'm not gonna hit the panic button the eagles defense has our number the last three years but we can beat them just gotta make a couple more plays.
  17. I'm hoping it was just the weather that affected Ryan's game. He's usually accurate with that throw.
  18. I'm not gonna say anything negative about Mr. Julio. Losing him would be a major blow to our offense. With Julio we expect to have a top 5 offense, without Julio top 15.. maybe? He opens up a lot for everyone else.
  19. Allen has been a good free safety but is the weakest starter in the secondary. Hard to pay everyone.
  20. I dont see Julio getting traded this year, but next who knows. Depends on how well the offense does this year. If the offense struggles like last year it may be time to start getting younger on that side of the ball while we resign our defensive stars.
  21. Thanks for the couple of good seasons you gave us sam. Wish you the best unless you play against us.
  22. Process must mean John Abraham and Michael Turner.
  23. Don't worry we can put Sam Baker at LG for 2ish games.