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  1. I believe Pees will have the defense looking good against most teams with smoke and mirrors but the great offenses may blow the smoke out of the room.
  2. This is a generational type talent at TE. He could come in and look good right away, especially since our HC (former TE coach) will know how to get the most out of him.
  3. Good thing we've got the best QB we've ever had for at least 2 more years.
  4. Many experts consider Pitts the best player in the draft outside of Lawrence -Fact
  5. We definitely got ripped off on Oliver. He was the only one that really stood out on the list as didn't deserve a bonus.
  6. Could be teams interested in moving up to get Pitts or Chase. We did it for Julio. Would be interesting if New England tried moving up and drafting Chase after being tired of not having any weapons.
  7. I don't know too much about the other players but I would love to see these guys in Falcons uniforms. 2 (48): Najee Harris RB (Our workhorse running back) 2 (61): Jamar Johnson S (starting FS with great ball skills) 3 (68): Davis Mills QB (backup QB with potential to become starter in 2023) 3 (68): Creed Humphrey OC
  8. Its hard to find a good QB no matter the round. If it was easy they wouldn't be paid so much.
  9. Yeah I thought the same thing right after petrino quit. Zimmer had that defense keep us in every game the first half of 07 despite horrific play from the offense. First and almost the only time I've been excited about a Falcons defense. I was sad when we let him go.
  10. Honestly we've only had one proven defensive guru in Mike Zimmer (07) as a DC that I can remember. I know we've hired DC's as head coaches but not really any proven guys at DC itself. Since 2008 08-11: Brian VanGorder (Now coaching HS) 12-14: Mike Nolan (Just got ran out of Dallas) 15-16: Richard Smith (LB Coach with Chargers-> Now LB Coach Raiders) 17-18: Marquand Manuel: (Now Safeties Coach with Jets) 19-20: Raheem Morris/Ulbrich
  11. I'm all in on Pitts unless we get an amazing offer to move back.
  12. I'd rather take a chance on Lance if I had to choose between the two.
  13. We really don't know that for sure which is why I said the coaching staff and FO needs to be extremely confident in their selection.
  14. Let's look at the 4th QB taken off the board since 2015: 2015: 1. (1) Jameis Winston 2. (2) Marcus Mariota 3. (75) Garret Grayson 4. (89) Sean Mannion 2016: 1. (1)Jared Goff 2. (2)Carson Wentz 3. (26)Paxton Lynch 4. (51)Christian Hackenberg 2017: 1. (2) Mitch Trubisky 2. (10) Patrick Mahomes 3. (12) Deshaun Watson 4. (52) Deshaun Kizer 2018: 1. (1) Baker Mayfield 2. (3) Sam Darnold 3. (7) Josh Allen 4. (10) Josh Rosen 5. (32) Lamarr Jackson 2019: 1. (1) Kyler Murray 2. (6) Daniel Jones 3. (15) Dwayne Haskins 4. (42) Drew Lock 2020: 1. (1) Joe Burrow 2. (5) Tua 3
  15. He was in a bad situation with the Jets and didn't make it any better for them by playing awful last year. There has to be something positive about him for Reich (who has a knack for oline) to have kept him around though.
  16. Career backup/practice squad player that played with some teams that had very good offensive lines except last year. Eagles (2014-2016) - colts (2018-2019.) Solid depth piece that could provide some competition to the oline.
  17. I think we should be acting like we're going to take chase and make the Bengals trade with us.
  18. Chances are high Sewell gets playing time year 1. Chances are low that a rookie QB gets playing time year 1. I'm not opposed to drafting a QB with the #4 pick only if the front office is extremely confident in their selection, otherwise why reach when you don't need to?
  19. Sewell/McGary battle it out then trade Mathews next year to save cap space. That would be my plan if we drafted Sewell at #4.
  20. I believe we had a talented Oline last year and scheme hurt us more than anything. This year we may struggle because we lost Alex Mack, but we'll see what the FO and coaching can do about that.
  21. Would Jones be tradeable (salary cap wise) after next year if we drafted Parsons?
  22. I remember when people gave up on Ryan after 2014, 2015... Koetter I would say has the most to do with his decline.
  23. That is a lot easier said than done. The bears for example are a good organization that has never found a QB. I love our new coaching staff but they have yet to prove anything. Prior to Vick and Ryan it wasn't the best of times at the QB position for this Organization.
  24. Looks like they did (and I'm glad) but that doesn't necessarily make him Dean Pees. Example: Jim Mora was a good coach, Jim Mora Jr was not a good coach.
  25. Here's another issue people may not be looking at with a 3-4 year plan. We have Dean Pees who is a phenomenal defensive coordinator (best we've had since Zimmer in 2007) but he is old and may retire (again) in the next couple years. A coach like Pees is hard to replace.
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