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  1. Honestly I thought our pass rush was decent last year but our coverage was so bad that it didn't matter. Once our coverage got simplified our defense looked much better.
  2. While Beasley wasn't worth a 1st round pick he was a decent player. Could have been a lot better than he was but I wish him nothing but the best.
  3. Falcons believed in takk enough to draft him with our first round pick. Just has shown even less than Beasley and we were already burned by picking up his 5th year option.
  4. Wasn't the best season for Ryan last year with 14 Ints but he still should be in the Top 100. Deion Jones not being on the list is what kills me.
  5. The only ones that really stand out are Freeman, Brown, and Carpenter.
  6. Only when grady Jarrett is lined up in front of him.
  7. Our defense will be better this year but our offense has shown it's not at it's best unless we have a decent running game. Can Koetter get Gurley and our run game going this year? He has yet to do it since hes been here. The only time it looked like we had a run game under Koetter was the 2012 playoffs until Turner got hurt against the 49ers.
  8. Gage seemed to always be put in dangerous situations last year and he came down with some tough catches. Definitely showed some flashes of talent. My only fear is if something happens to Julio can Gage be a WR2?
  9. nine catches, 221 yards, two touchdowns "The things that people didn't like about him was his LSU game that he got beat on a couple of times, but that was what made me like him probably the most." -Morris From what I seen to start the year last year he does sound like a perfect fit for our Secondary. In all seriousness though I'm excited for AJ. I think he can become a great DB for us. Looks like we'll be playing a lot more man coverage with the players we've drafted the last couple years.
  10. Who? Though in all seriousness it's good to see our players working out and getting ready for the season. It's going to be interesting to see which team has the best culture and self motivated players this year with the limited offseason.
  11. Shanahan was the best OC we've ever had because of his genius in the run game and setting plays up.
  12. Hes decent but if something happens to Julio, I have very little faith in our offense. Ridley hasn't shown he can be a WR1 and Gage hasn't shown he can be a WR2. Treadwell hasn't shown he can be a WR.
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