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  1. Our run game hasn't looked all that bad. No reason to go to shotgun when you get to 3rd and short running the ball. Just gives the other teams pass rushers the green light.
  2. I'm not happy but also not worried about the ugly game we played week 1 unless it becomes a trend. We've got to win 2 in a row just to get above .500 now.
  3. Need to disguise our run and pass plays to give our oline an advantage.
  4. We played very sloppy and undisciplined. We showed some flashes on both offense and defense, but couldn't overcome our mistakes. The Vikings on the other hand looked well prepared and sharp. Its hard to judge teams in week 1, but we got a lot of things to clean up to give ourselves a shot against the eagles. Is it just me or do we only throw out of shotgun under Koetter? We need to commit to the run and play action until the line gels.
  5. Just didnt look like we were ready to play today. Hopefully we look better in the second half.
  6. No cap room for him and there is a reason the Texans dont want him long term. I think our dline will breakout this year even without him.
  7. Arthur needs to send the private jet to Matt Bryant's house. At this point we won't have to worry about another team scooping up tavecchio if Bryant gets hurt.
  8. Defensive starters out
  9. Run the ball down their throats.. throw it out of shotgun. Dirk has no clue about play action.
  10. We need to not tip our hand on whether we are running or passing to help out the oline. It was pretty obvious what plays we were going to run based on our formations. Ryan got lit up because of it. Looked a lot like the Koetter we all knew in 2012-2014.
  11. We're throwing out of the shotgun way too much.
  12. Get ryan out of the game.
  13. Looks like the 2014 falcons offense.
  14. Week 1 is always so hard to judge in the NFL. The Vikings should be a tough team to start out against. Kubiak will have the Vikings offense playing a lot better this year. Zimmer will dial up some blitzes and Stunts against our still gelling O-Line. Even with that said, I still think we're the better team and as long as we play our game we should come out on top.