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  1. Feel kinda bad for the raiders with all the injuries. I don't know why it takes half the year before this defense plays lights out but they've played amazing today.
  2. I think we have a chance to win against every team we play, but since we're a bad team I wonder which part of the team is going to let us down.
  3. Yeah I'm tired of it too. I think its pretty disrespectful to Julio. If it happens it happens, but It'll be a sad day if it does. Its hard to replace a HoF player.
  4. I'm down to field an inept offense to the raiders without Julio if he can come back to play against the Saints.
  5. Yeah I remember Knapp being a bad name when Vick was here. Season is lost anyway i would rather ride out the rest of the year with Knapp. Would at least give me a reason to watch a couple more games.
  6. Saints are daring refs to call defensive holding every play.
  7. Julio is the best receiver in the league and is a key component to our offense hence the Salary. Our offense has struggled in every game he's missed.
  8. About to turn it off. Our offense is trash without Julio. Our defense is just trash.
  9. Problem is we pissed away games early and left no room for error. This team isn't as bad as its record but is not good enough to close out the tough remaining schedule. More than likely finish 6-10 or 7-9.
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