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  1. Kubiak would have been perfect for Ryan. It's terrible we didn't go after him after Kyle left.
  2. Most of our Pass rushing woes last year came from our DBs and scheme. Once we switched to more man coverage our pass rush looked much better. Beasley finished out the season with 6.5 sacks in the last 8 games. Takk had 3 in 5 games before he got hurt.
  3. CJ Henderson "Athleticism is through the roof but the only con I have on him is I don’t think he knows what he’s playing half the time" From what I seen on defense last year TD and DQ must be drooling. Sounds like a future Falcon to me.
  4. Schaub played well for us against the seahawks. Just hope Benkert is good enough to make the roster in case Ryan has to miss 5.5+ games.
  5. Ryan is a better QB and gives us a better chance of winning right now.
  6. Maybe this is the year the tide turns and we finally get breakout years from draft day hopefuls in Takk and Comisnky.
  7. Draft a LT with our first pick let him play backup. Let matthews go next offseason. This is a WR heavy draft, get one with the pick we got from Sanu to replace Julio in 22. Need to replace Rico with Kazee.
  8. I really hope Neal bounces back. His big hits make the defense exciting to watch.
  9. By far the best show on the radio.
  10. Freeman was great for a 4th round pick and would have been much more memorable as a Falcon had he not gotten the second contract. I'm glad we're finally moving on.
  11. I blame Koetter because we've had a big enough sample size with his offense. Rushing rank. 2010: 12th 2011: 17th Enter Koetter 2012: 29th 2013: 32nd 2014: 24th Exit Koetter: 2015: 19th 2016: 5th 2017: 13th 2018: 27th Enter Koetter 2019: 30th
  12. I'd be fine with it. This team could use all the talent it can get. Julio isnt getting any younger and if he gets hurt or drops off we're a bad offense.
  13. Wonder how much impact he had in Hoopers development. Thought our TEs played well this season. Enjoy your retirement Mularkey.
  14. If McCarthy told Blank Nolan was going to be the DC that's a big reason not to hire him. We've already dabbled in bringing back ex coordinators and it hasn't worked out for us yet.