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  1. I dont like Newton but he would be a phenomenal backup and could use him in some redzone packages.
  2. Yeah but the ending was so bad that I forgot how much fun the season was. The death of Falcon hope.
  3. I'm pretty sure Dean Pees is going to make a lot of the players better. He's got a pretty good track record.
  4. I won't be dissapointed if we draft Jones even at #4. He is as good as any QB coming out of college. Would like to see more raw talent for a #4 overall but there is more to QB than raw talent. He's earned a shot at the next level. I would love to trade back into the first and get him (doubt he lasts to the high 20s though)and draft someone else from that Bama offense in the top 10.
  5. Mack was the best FA signing of the dimitroff era. I'm worried about our C position next year without him.
  6. If nothing else a solid backup to replace Schaub.
  7. I think most of us Fans don't want to see us reach on a QB since we should be able to win with Ryan. At #4 we have to get a probowl caliber player. If our FO drafts a QB at 4 because they really believe he will be dominate at the next level I'm all for it.
  8. Couldn't hurt both Julio and Ridley missed games. I kind of rank Chase and Smith somewhat equally with Waddle a great next option. What's the latest we can get one of those guys if we trade back?
  9. I think we should give our HoF QB at least a year in the new offense before we decide he's washed up and take a huge Salary cap hit cutting/trading him.
  10. It's hard to tell who BPA would be on the Falcons draft board. Pick #55 --Jayron Hosley, CB. Gosselin's composite board had Hosley at #28, but he slid to #94. The latter still represented an overdraft. Our pick, Peter Konz, was ranked #30, which means we still theoretically received first round value. In fact, Konz would have been #2 on the board in BPA. Hilarious, right? Jayron Hosley was definitely overvalued by Gosselin's composite board if he slid from #28 to #94. Konz was probably a BPA and Need pick at the same time. I liked the pick at the time, unfortunately a
  11. I'm down with a LT or WR. No guarantee we'll re-sign Ridley and Julio is more than likely gone after the 2021 season. I'd prefer a WR over LT but getting a great LT on a rookie deals sounds good too. We could then trade Jake for some extra picks.
  12. If Smith and Fontenot don't work out McKay has to be gone right? I really wanted him gone this offseason but it just doesn't seem like that is ever going to happen.
  13. I watched one Jets game this year and Langi was all over the place. Looked like a beast and was my favorite player to watch in that game. Can't wait to see what he and Pees does with talent like Olokun and Jones.
  14. Seems like a good hire. Former nfl player (respect) turned coach that has a decent track record.
  15. Yeah I was thinking the same thing but then a thought creeped in my head that what if he was actually holding us back that year. We had some serious talent on that offense with 2 1st ballot hof players (Tony and Julio) and 2 borderline hof players (Ryan and Roddy) plus Michael Turner.
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