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  1. I wouldn't put too much stock into this, we're good at winning a bunch of games at the end of the season to ruin our draft position.
  2. You don't take a QB just to take one but if we have a chance to take one we really like its the move to make going forward. If one is not available then we need to build the offensive line first and the defense second. That way when we do come across a QB we can't pass up he won't be put into a bad situation like Matt currently is.
  3. We've been blown out 2 games in a row. We're the easy team right now.
  4. Our other QBs showed they would be night and day better during the preseason.
  5. We don't need a lead to have an epic collapse.
  6. Defense has gotten a few stops but the offense hasn't been doing a good job of controlling the game.
  7. Don't have to worry about tanking when we're not good enough to win games in the first place.
  8. 15-2 is staring us in the face. We just need most of our players to make miraculous improvement.
  9. Everyone make excuses to make yourself feel better but 1.4 pff pass blocking.... we're in danger.
  10. Its more along the lines of the slow starts and being out of playoff contention 5 weeks into the season that kills most of us. I can settle for 2-3 start but the 0-3 0-5 starts are killers as it becomes what's the point. A win in Tampa is a huge boost to morale and ticket sales.
  11. We don't know if Fields is going to be any good, we may have dodged a bullet by staying away from him. Too early to tell.
  12. AS is still trying to get a feel for this team which is made more difficult with Mayfield on the oline.
  13. Philly pretty much just crushed all my hope and optimisim going into the year and ***** slapped us back to reality. The reality is that the end of the Matt Ryan era is as ugly as the peak of the Matt Ryan era in Atlanta. All I've got to say now is how 'bout them dawgs.
  14. 2 winning seasons in the last 8 years then a brutal loss to open up this year tends to bring out negativity.
  15. If I was TF I'd be calling everyone to trade for a LG. Mayfield is going to get someone fired.
  16. Need to bring someone in to block before we're forced to roll with Franks and Rosen.
  17. After watching Vea be a bowling ball/one man wrecking crew against the Cowboys oline. I'm not sure I want to watch the game vs the Bucs.
  18. I think this team gets better through out the year, I just hope we don't dig ourselves into too big of a hole like we have the last 2 years.
  19. Defense looks lost and the offense can't score in the redzone. Running game looking good though.
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