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  1. That's a nice way of saying we're ****** at RB, regardless we really can't be any worse than last year at rushing.
  2. Which is where running the ball will be important and catching the defense off guard so they can't just pin their ears back and go after Ryan. I think Smith will make us top 16 in rushing this year, hopefully that is enough with all our weapons.
  3. I just hope Pitts (and AS) helps our Redzone and running game problems. If he does he is worth the pick.
  4. I like him, hope he does well. Looks like he has a bit of a breakaway speed that we've been missing since Coleman.
  5. I think the only way a team offers us enough for Julio will be if they have high expectations and panic. Either their WR gets hurt during the season/training camp or they go part way through training camp and realize they really need a WR. The problem with Part way through the season is that Julio may get hurt or we may not want to trade him at all because our team is doing awesome.
  6. McClure was consistently good but he was never great and sometimes he got overmatched. Alex Mack was a godsend when he came to our team so we'll be taking a step back at the C position this year with him gone. Hopefully with the change in scheme and coaching our line will be better overall though. Dalman definitely has room for improvement but I'm pretty confident he'll become a decent player for us whether it's this year or 2 years from now. I'll never knock someone for being undersized after I idiotically said that about Arron Donald when he was coming out.
  7. I loved his draft reaction and wanted to seem him succeed. I was dissapointed he didn't pan out.
  8. He looked good early then looked slow down the stretch. I like Gurley but I think we should look at udfa and practice squad rbs around the league.
  9. Most likely BPA and also a need. I like it, we need all the depth and competition on the oline we can get. All the shiny toys won't be effective without some oline depth.
  10. We weren't going to fix the defense with a rookie anyway might as well get the best player in the draft.
  11. I really want FS Jamar Johnson as I think he is a perfect fit for Pees system. I have no idea where he's going to be drafted though.
  12. That would be tough to stop but it will be interesting to see how well the Titans do without Arthur Smith calling the plays.
  13. The only two teams I could see benefitting from trading for Julio would be New England or the Colts. We're better off trying to win a Superbowl ourselves this year with him on the roster unless someone offers a 1st.
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