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  1. Here is a picture of a pretty full stadium just before the introduction of the Falcons.
  2. Saints didn't have a first round pick this year, they already had traded it to New England.
  3. I don't believe that Jim Irsay will let either emotions or public relations play too much of a role in this decision. Keep in mind that this is the same ownership that moved the team from Baltimore to Indy under cover of night in late March 1984 -- granted, that was Jim Irsay's dad Robert -- and that Jim Irsay got into a heated legal battle with his step mother over control of the team after his father (Robert) had a stroke in 1996, and Jim was awarded sole ownership in 1997.
  4. Fisrt moved to Atlanta from Northwest Indiana in August 1985 with my wife and infant son, and the Falcons have been my pro football team ever since. The team went 4-12 that year. (I suppose growing up as a Cubs fans has somewhat made losing seasons and/or playoff disappointments a little easer to deal with, but not really.)
  5. and more consistent on the offensive side of the ball.Fixed.
  6. Anyone else see the irony of having Finneran commenting on drops, given that years ago he was being lambasted on these very boards for his own bobbles and had the nickname of "skillet hands"? I know that he ultimately became a very reliable receiver for the Falcons, but still, it's kind of funny.
  7. Houston up next and reports are that Leinart may be out for the year with a broken collarbone.
  8. A little home cooking on the replays. They showed the "no-call" replay of the Julio Jones fumble over and over (I believe the refs blew the play dead so they were not going to get that call overturned), but chose not to show a single replay of the Julio touchdown catch of the Ryan 50-yard bomb a single time.
  9. I didn't pick up any gifts, but my son bought himself a Colts jacket (poor misguided soul ). I actually was born and raised in Indiana and attended IU undergrad before moving to Atlanta back in 1985, when I promptly became a Falcons fan.
  10. Made the trip up to Indy with my son to watch the Falcons take on the Colts. I actaully purchased the tickets back in late July when the expectation was that Peyton Manning -- my son's favorite player -- was still going to be able to play this year. Oh well, no regrets on my part. The Falcons won!!! Lucas Oil Stadium is a wonderful football stadium. Not only does the roof open, but there's also a large opening at the visitor's endzone, which provides for a real outdoor feel to the game as the cool air circulates throughout the stadium. Prior to the start of the game, maybe right the National Athem, a military helicopter briefly hovered outside the endzone opening before perfroming a fly-over. Very cool. The Indianapolis fans were very friendly and good natured. A group of regulars in the section that I was in (Loge Level - 316) were making jokes throughout the game. I guess when you're in the midst of a winless season at 0-8, you laugh to keep from crying. The Colts did a short "thanks for the memories" video montage for Kelvin Hayden during one of the breaks in the action and the hometown fans gave him a sustained ovation afterwards. Very classy. (Ironically, this happened not too long after Hayden had picked off Painter.) Also, as the fans were applauding, they showed a picture of Hayden sitting on the Falcons bench and after a couple of seconds, Sean Weatherspoon jumps in beside Hayden and starts hamming it up for the camera. Too funny. Finally, and no breaking news here, Julio Jones is a beast! As soon as he caught the ball on the slant pattern, it was obvious that no-one was going to chase him down. Nice to have that extra weapon back in the line-up.
  11. Flying there Saturday afternoon . . . section 316.
  12. I've got no problem with Falcons fans booing the **** out of Vick every time he steps on the field.
  13. This is just smoke and mirrors on Smith's part. I believe that at least one, if not both, will get some actual playing time this Sunday night. Why tip your hand, though, if you're the Falcons coaching staff?
  14. Three back-to-back winning seasons, reigning NFC South Champions, top seed in the NFC last year, 8 returning Pro Bowl players, and one of a handful of teams projected as a top Super Bowl contender this year . . . seems to me that the Falcons oraginzation has rebounded quite nicely from the rumble left behind following the failure of the "Mike Vick Experience." And, for all those self-proclaimed "REAL fans" who seemingly won't be satisfied unless and until Vick is carted off the playing field in pain (or worse), you should take a good look at yourselves in the mirror because you're really not much better than those "FAKE fans" who will show up on Sunday night with the sole hope of dancing in the aisles for each and every completion that Vick makes against the home town team. Not asking anyone to "get over it," but it would be nice if both lunatic fringes would simply keep it to themselves because many of us are tired of hearing about it. I'd personally much rather focus on enjoying a hard fought game between two talented football teams, both with lofty aspirations for post season success. And, of course, celebrating a FALCONS victory.
  15. Really? I guess nobody told Wes Welker about that. -_- As per NFL.com's official stats: Welker: Height: 5-9 Weight: 185 Age: 30 Weems: Heigth: 5-9 Weight: 195 Age: 26
  16. With all the speculation going on today based on the tweet from Beau Bock, I thought for sure this was going to be a post about bringing back #21 DeAngelo Hall.
  17. Very nice video package. Hopefully, we will get repeats of Edwards' sacks on Cutler, Vick and Rodgers this season.
  18. According to the NFL Network reporters who were located outside the players' meeting place in DC, the player reps had voted to give the NLPA executive committee "conditional authority" on the deal, meaning that if certain elements of the written contract proposal met with the players' stated conditions, there was approval to vote on the deal, but, if not, who knows . . . .
  19. As someone who's been at the negotiating table on many occasions in various employment-related cases, I see a very familiar pattern developing here. That is, where the side with lesser overall bargaining power (in this instance, the players) waits until all the major obstacles to the deal have pretty much been overcome and agreed upon, and then tries to slip in a few extra items -- wheteher in terms of favorable contract language or other modest concessions -- because they realize that the other side (here, the owners) have now resigned themselves to making the deal happen and simply want to close the matter out. In other words, the players believe that, now that the parties have reached the 11th hour, when push comes to shove, the owners probably will concede on a few extra non-essential terms that the players likely would not have received earlier in the negotiations.
  20. I'm over the loss, but still, as the weekend approaches, all I can think is: Just D@mn!
  21. After a not-so-good night's sleep, the anger has dissipated. I am still a fan, still a supporter, and still a believer. Last night's loss was a big disappointment, but we'll just have to take our lumps and move on. Keep building and keep improving. Go Falcons.
  22. The Falcons also are one or 31 teams that have never lost to a 7-9 playoff team.
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