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  1. I'd rather sit him today and have him back for the remaining 2 division games! BRB is Back!
  2. Although it may be offensive to Legion, it's not racist. Get a dictionary.
  3. Great stuff! I think the chargers is revised from a lightning bolt to a little atom/sparky. Pats=killer Bretts=worth a million for the J's copyright. BRB
  4. Feagles is at 321 as of today. I hope Brooks starts to keep his streak but plays about 20%
  5. Bucfan1 is absolutely right about the turf in NO. Remember Katrinabowl? NO's shag rug turf makes Heinz field look like a putting green. We absolutely will need more production out of Ryan. I don't see Turner getting 130. I do see us winning however:-) BRB (edited for typo)
  6. I'll never be bucked off :-) BRB since 65 & 3? 4? MB iterations.
  7. 2nd game was D Hall's burnt toast Raiders vs. the Broncos see nfl.com for stats (or espn)
  8. I kinda thought the examiner was spam but when I saw your post I remembered that I thought I should throw in a hat. Not a thread hijacker but here's mine off the top of my head tonight which I submitted. This is just a sample they want to show "style" so don't everbody freakout! If you don't like it move on. LMK AGCOE. ----------- The tough days of pure grit football at Fulton-County Stadium are long gone. So are the days of the Vick swagger along with Petrino and his rookie coaches’ late night exodus, a new dawn is upon the city of Atlanta and the Falcons. With a winced eye the fans of Atlanta have hope albeit with masked but solid foundation. The marketing genius of Arthur Blank over the years had enamored Atlanta with a product however, now the focus is on production. Pure grit football is back. Mike Smith is a pure grit football Head Coach. Tom Dimitroff is a pure grit football General Manager. Matt Ryan? You guessed it. He is a pure grit football Quarterback. Sam Baker is simply pure grit football, just ask him. With a fresh coat of paint on the Georgia Dome and new sparkling red and black seats inside, this season has more promise and more meaning to this city than ever before. The voice of the fans will hinge on said production: win games and they will come, if not expect the masses to backlash from every angle. The house has been cleaned and so has the attitude of the team. Now, our good name needs to be cleared; throughout the NFL and more importantly in the city of Atlanta…we have to. Sound familiar? It should. Remember the past but embrace change itself and the future of this team. JR
  9. I got mine in (BRB) I won last year btw which means exactly jack squat.
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