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  1. I don't understand why everyone got so bent out of shape over the military appreciation stuff. The military was paying for ADVERTISING same as Verizon, Coke, Budweiser, etc. The amount paid to the NFL was a small drop in the advertising/recruiting budget. Teams have said multiple times the presentation part was completely separate from the paid advertising part but people keep running with the negative assumptions. If the advertising had been done one month and appreciation another would that make a difference?
  2. Nah man, IF he learned anything then it was lost when he bumped his head in the shower. Don't underestimate Freeman. It just so happened that FSU had multiple good backs when he was there and they couldn't just sit one so they were splitting carries. The 3rd string back had more yards than Coleman's backup. If I remember right Winston may have had as many yards as well.
  3. 87 carries vs 265 carries and only a 0.5 difference. You're trying way too hard. What you should focus on is this average. 3.44 vs 1.13. I'll give you a hint, Coleman fumbled 3.4% of the time.
  4. Yea could be for sure. I'd like to see him come back just to have the energy and leadership that would come with having another guy to rotate in. If we can keep everyone at least somewhat fresh they should feast at the end of games when the opposing oline is sucking air.
  5. Man I seriously think it's posturing at least that's what I hope it is. One of those situations like... FO: hey schofield we want you back and willing to pay x amount scho: nah that's not enough I think I'm worth more fo: ok go test the market and let's see what the market dictates. Now the question is will we match or beat the offer from others and did he get pissed at the whole deal.
  6. If you really want to get technical you followed me considering I made a post in the thread yesterday.
  7. Ha personal troll... Don't flatter yourself. As far as being back, I didn't realize I was gone. On the other hand, if believing that you're being trolled makes you happy I'm sure not gonna stand in the way of that.
  8. Value is relative. If someone is negative and "likes" a negative post it would only be valuable to that negative person or group of people. I do however agree that using hissy fit was not appropriate. A more accurate word would have been whining.
  9. http://www.bigcatcountry.com/2016/5/3/11584294/jaguars-free-agency-good-offer-obrien-schofield?utm_campaign=bigcatcountry&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter looks like Jacksonville has put an offer out for him.
  10. TD: I almost drafted Chris Jones in the 1st round after coach Quinn said we were targeting ballsy players and thought he would be a perfect fit after something came out of his shorts this big while he was running the 40.
  11. Banning an IP won't really make a difference when anyone with the ability to roll their face across the keyboard can use a vpn or proxy.
  12. LMFAO... spoken like a person from south GA for sure. Completely off topic but the Eagles look pretty darn good. I almost drop kicked my tv when they lost to UGA, to me it seemed like they were playing timid almost like a high school team would vs pro. The only thing that drives me crazy is the announcers when I watch the replay on EPSN and horrible video quality. Can they not get some HD cameras on the field? One game they kept going to and staying on a camera that was completely out of focus. I've been wanting to take my kids down for a game but I refuse to go back to Statesboro until they reopen Buffalo's. You can imagine my disappointment if you have been to the one there because they're completely different everywhere else.
  13. Yea, I saw the same thing on a website saying we were signing him then after looking around found reports he signed with the Browns. I was hoping we did sign him for backup and possibly guard. Seemed he get up the field.
  14. Congrats man. Few words of wisdom from someone that's been there. Forget try to prepare because there's no such thing with kids. Sleep now as much as possible because it becomes a luxury and under no circumstances be fooled by the false sense of security when the baby sleeps normally at first. Colic sucks. It's a cruel slap in the face so find all the home remedies, throw them out the window and try white noise cd's or car rides. Gripewater is questionable but worth a shot if nothing more than to make you feel better. During the delivery DO NOT believe them if they say you can go get food in the hospital. If you do believe them answer any calls on your phone even if it says Nigerian prince scammer or you may end up eating chicken strips while your kid is being born. Last but most importantly have a f'ing blast because life will never be the same and nothing will compare to it. There is no drug in the world that will get you as high as when you hold that kid for the first time. Nothing will make you love deeper, cry harder, or worry more than a kid so enjoy every second of it.
  15. Out of curiosity, if Freeman fumbled 10 times last year would that be a concern to you?
  16. I'm probably 100% wrong but I think for a team to take Smith before the 4th round it would have to be a perfect storm situation. I would think coaches/gm's close to the hot seat won't take a chance because they're in win now/save your own skin mode. If he fills a position of immediate need I would say those teams pass with the "one in the hand is worth more than two in the bush" mentality. I'm on the fence with new coaches because they may want to avoid a potential WTH were you thinking moment. I think it will be a team that is fairly rounded out and can treat it as a luxury pick or the front office is beyond questioning. IF it's 4th round all bets are off especially if they got "their guys" earlier.
  17. Good stuff man. It's a shame that the negative stories get the most attention when there are so many players that give back in the form of time/charity work.
  18. That's fine. I guess we just have different points of view. Personally if I think there's a high probability someone will misinterpret what I say I try to clarify my response initially. If someone is a complete bonehead and takes my comment out of context I try to clarify. To each their own I suppose.
  19. Looks like someone already did.
  20. No I clearly understand what you're trying to say but I'm saying #1 you're completely wrong and #2 your comment is nowhere near based on fact or reality. I have seen people personally black and white where their parents kept bailing their children out of situations whether it was paying fines, using local political influence to get tickets thrown out, or buying them new vehicles when they wreck one.
  21. That comment doesn't sound racist at all. It sounds utterly ridiculous. It appears that you are implying that black parents would never continue providing financial support when their child does stupid things. I would venture to say there are parents of EVERY race that are enablers of their child's self destruction (providing financial support, living in a persistent state of denial, etc) and parents of EVERY race that would cut their kids off if they didn't straighten up.
  22. The point you're missing is the general topic on this board is football related. It doesn't mean the death of others is less significant because there has been time times people have posted the passing of a loved one when they needed comfort or support. I have no doubt that if someone was in a similar situation and posted the thread would receive as much attention as this one. If you're not trying to make it political you should probably leave the snide 2a comments out. The shooter has been charged in the past for ILLEGAL possession of a firearm and drug charges. Unfortunately criminals tend to break the law which is why they're criminals in the first place.
  23. I agree to a certain extent. I've read a ton of comments other places screaming for gun control. I don't know the laws in NO but just basing on Georgia law the shooter may not have been carrying legally anyways so more gun control wouldn't have prevented it. I can't speak for others but I personally try to avoid situations that could escalate especially while driving. I'd rather ignore something rather than react and take the chance of someone following me where I'm going or jumping out at a red light. The whole situation just doesn't add up, seems that something happened before the fender bender. Sadly it doesn't matter really because a father/husband/son won't go home to his family over something so trivial. Senseless tragedy.
  24. Need to start hammering out a longer term deal and get some cohesion on the line. I definitely don't want to see the craziness like last year where it looked like a dysfunctional game of musical chairs.
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