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  1. This Non-preseason is exposing teams. What parts of the team have to get up to speed real quick. Our Defense was not tasked for the job and maybe a pre-season would have helped.
  2. Offense on track this week. Defense need to get up to speed. It's ironic on what we see with no preseason games on who is ready to go.
  3. Commentator says NO defense suspect going into playoffs. LoL.
  4. Sanfran has to get a TD or run out the clock 2 point game man.
  5. If we beat Sanfran, I would be happy as long as NO don't get the number two or one seed.
  6. It's like you know what the potential is with this team and coaching staff now. No reason to change anything.
  7. That Hill run was exciting second possible chance to get in.
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