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  1. NE in that weak *** division makes it so dang easy.
  2. Superbowl 54, AFC needs to have someone else represent. Last 3 years Patriots plus all the other times they have been. Come on Man.
  3. I'm about to turn this game off.
  4. Goff is suffering from the 1st year Super Bowl syndrome.
  5. Brady saying he is coming back after this makes me cringe.
  6. Spoke to soon.
  7. Golf putting balls where they need to be.
  8. We might have an overtime and patriots might get the coin flip since they lost the flip at the beginning.
  9. Romo expert Analysis is good.
  10. Whose Defense Blinks, that is it.
  11. This looks bad for Brady more Than Goff, Lowest scoring Super bowl at this time of the game.
  12. One turnover away from a win. come on Rams Defense.
  13. Some times I think offenses should be looking at blitzes on 3rd as guaranteed and make better plays.
  14. Goff contract is up in 2020 so, he is not making a case for the Rams to give him anything but the minimum.