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  1. Commentator says NO defense suspect going into playoffs. LoL.
  2. Sanfran has to get a TD or run out the clock 2 point game man.
  3. Defense just need to get off the field quick. Please.
  4. Grady said ok. Take this tackle refs.
  5. Wow that call against Grady. Dang.
  6. If we beat Sanfran, I would be happy as long as NO don't get the number two or one seed.
  7. It's like you know what the potential is with this team and coaching staff now. No reason to change anything.
  8. That Hill run was exciting second possible chance to get in.
  9. We in FG range but; let's get theT D.
  10. I guess Falcons D on 4th down plays scared Ron. Going for FG's now.
  11. A FG is throwing in the towel at this point.
  12. Best team we are playing in the remaining schedule is SanFran. If Falcons go into SanFran and win one there, It will be epic.