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  1. The only game that we won was the week Author Blank Birthday was happening. That was the Giants. Falcons can't get motivated for anything to play better.
  2. All phases of this team is not showing up for a bad team says a lot.
  3. Ridley needs to start trending better because the production on offense vs past weeks would be in the back of my mind. It is the Jets but; the play calls and moving the ball on offense sticks out.
  4. Ryan chances of throwing a Deep ball for an interception just went up.
  5. Sometimes, I think head coaches don't know their team well when one side is not doing good, you adjust.
  6. Win or lose, I want to know what was going on with that drive and play calling that last drive in the press interview.
  7. Author Smith did you over rule your OC or is the OC to conservative.
  8. These teams are playing just like their records are truly even at 1-2.
  9. Falcons can't depend on a FG to win this. Run out the clock or TD only.
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