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  1. Yeah Ryan you did put the D in tough spots. Thanks for being honest.
  2. This was a must win game. 0-2 was to much.
  3. And the game ball goes to the last man that made the stop.
  4. Now Quinn got outcoached on that D coverage.
  5. This game should not even be this close. Torture for Falcons Fans.
  6. Defenses do get tired. Even the turnovers does not help the Defense got.
  7. I'm debating on the OC not getting his act together.
  8. Quinn could be saying, why i need you to Koetter because I got the D going, we got turnovers and what more can we do.
  9. Offense still don't realize they can be 0-2 still but; Defense does.
  10. Ryan trying to just throw a ball up in the air to the Endzone. WTF.
  11. Overturned 2 point conversion. Ok.
  12. Dam offense can't put this team away.
  13. Deep ball again offense please. Take a shot.
  14. Did I just see Freeman pick up a running man to Ryan on that Blitz.