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  1. I’d also add getting a real WR coach to that.
  2. "Did the Falcons win or did the Patriots lose?" "How does this loss affect Brady's legacy" "Is Brady still the greatest ever?" "is Roger Goodell satisfied?" "How long will Brady play?" "Is Matt Ryan finally out of Michael Vick's shadow?" "Is it time to take the Falcons serious?" "If Tom Brady had Matt Ryan's weapons would the Patriots have won?" "Could the Cowboys have beaten the Patriots?"
  3. I think Maxwell would be a great pickup. He'd bring a great mentality to the team. A bit worried about that asking price if it's true though. We have a lot of other holes to address.
  4. Sounds like Austin wants the job. I'm all for it. Love that attitude!
  5. My preference would be somehow managing to have Rex Ryan and Josh McDaniels on the same staff. Probably not going to happy. But I can wish. :-) Josh McDaniels for HC Rex Ryan for DC (heck, maybe even HC. I'm tired of having a crappy defense. Fix the defense and build a good run game)
  6. Me too. And I truly hate to say it but I can no longer waste my Sundays watching this crap until they get serious and make changes. Its nothing against Smith, I appreciate what he's done for this organization but its time to gracefully move on from him. I don't expect Smith to just walk out the door and quit (like Petrino) but I do expect Blank to do what needs to be done. Personally, I think we'd be much better off giving Keith Armstrong or someone a shot as interim HC until they find a better coach. Keeping Smith makes absolutely no sense and proves that we are even more complacent than I thought. We are apparently completely okay with the VERY high likelihood that we will have another losing season and continue to be soft. I mean goodness, I don't know everything about football but I do know that whatever we are doing...isn't working. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results and thats obviously what this organization is doing. I love my falcons, but until they get it together, I won't be watching or paying for tickets to see them perform. If Starbucks or McDonalds keeps messing up your drink every time you go, after a while, the joke is on you if you continue to go there expecting a different outcome. I'll just read the score alerts from my phone on Sundays now (sadly, I can't completely ignore them on Sundays) but I won't be watching. There are tons of other things I can and probably should be doing instead of buying out MY time to watch an organization that obviously cares nothing about making changes to be successful.
  7. completely understand. My husband (eagles fan) was actually happy that the game was at 4 last week because it meant I'd at least be happy for the first half of the day...sad but true. I couldn't even disagree. Sadly, some part of me will force myself to watch the game on Sunday. :-( Your not alone.
  8. "our team is very resilient" "we've got to play better...we've got to coach better...and that starts with me" "we didn't execute..." "...you can't win ballgames when you play like that" "I thought we had a good week of practice..." "I felt our team was very prepared" (really!?) "we were not able to get anything going offensively...." and of course the usual.... "gotta tip your hat.." His PC is like the groundhogs day movie....ugh!
  9. I think Sherman is a great player. But his attitude is awful to me. Always will be. Just my opinion. But I find it very hypocritical that he goes, "Im better at you in life. Your a arrogant.. pompous..Im going to crush you in front of everyone". Just not necessary. Great Corner. Bad attitude On that note, I'll end with this
  10. Im about at a 3 or 4 now. Its weird because I was so anxious all last week but now I'm fine. Sunday it'll go back up but I think I used ALOT of energy last week so it hopefully won't be as bad this week.
  11. MVP should go to the long snapper who snapped the ball despite the timeout being called. Bryant needed that extra kick...
  12. Yes I agree. This game showed me how attached I am to this team. I'm literately tired now. My heart was racing
  13. Richard Sherman is Darrelle Revis and Roddy White is Peerless Price
  14. Our guys have had a great season. The true fans would NEVER turn on them whether we like the outcome of the game or not. With all due respect to Ms. Hill, I sincerely believe any lady fan on this board could give a better projection than that. Our guys will RISE UP and so will our fans
  15. Don't get upset when you see Turner in the backfield. (note to self) He might actually show up on Sunday
  16. I completely agree. I'm definitely a bigger Falcons fan than a UGA fan, but I watch them both faithfully. I never understood not supporting the Falcons especially when you were born and raised here, but to each his own. One thing for sure, I've worked very hard to convert my husband (a eagles fan) to have love for the falcons, and my son will be no different. He will be a falcons fan, because thats the only NFL team he'll know to support lol
  17. I'm confident. Not in an arrogant way. I just know my falcons won't break my heart this Sunday. Strangely enough, Asante's post practice interview today actually boosted my belief in this team. He said, "We are going to make yall proud"...the confidence that he said it with, and that this team carries alone makes me very sure that we as fans will like the outcome on Sunday. Is it Sunday yet?
  18. I have the same feeling. I didn't feel this way until I reflected on the Saints game Thursday night. Turner showed up in the first half and then calmed back down. This game will be very good and If our guys come ready to play (as I am 100% sure they will) We will win. We need this turner
  19. Another thing to keep in mind is that we have not loss 2 games back to back under Smith. So our guys should be ready to go after losing to the Bucs... So hype for this game!
  20. Lets hope he's happy coordinating like he was when he was in Miami. http://www.palmbeach...ve-coord/nL2WK/ Good to know Nolan is such a film junkie. Can't wait til next Sunday
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