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  1. is looking ahead to the 2010 season

  2. Yeah..I had like 1500 post count on the old board love the new board though
  3. I wanted the Dorsey/Brohm connection to be honest. I was wrong and happy about it! I love this team!
  4. good post. thanks for taking the time and giving your thoughts. well wishes in the superbowl!
  5. http://youtube.com/watch?v=6-koCnZOb7Y guy sounds kind of suicidal lol..but yeah, there must be something good about this guy if everything wants him to stay in with the NYG. I'll have to read up on him some more..seems like we're going to wait until the Giants lose tomorrow or after the superbowl just to interview him.
  6. I agree with Superfan. I must be an idiot too because Singletary DESERVES an interview. How does the guy who almost became your HC last year not get one this year? Give the **** job to someone who actually WANTS it! Hes waiting on the call, but we're calling Mr. Garrett who's only been a OC for a year, offense crashed during the playoffs, made NO adjustments, and the only reason hes done somewhat decent with the boys is because he has a talented offense. If Garrett becomes our HC i think it will be a mistake. A Big one. I will support him though, but I dont believe its a step in the right dire
  7. Well Im in Decatur, Ga right now..Its stop snowing now..definitely fun while it lasted lol... but I hope we can keep Hue!
  8. Id like to see him stay as our OC... anyone else or is the snow making me crazy? ol
  9. hmm...Garrett must be blowing away those interviews...so hes in Atlanta now?
  10. BAHAHAHHA! Phillips is gone..seen this happening...unless we offer him a job hes a cowboy.
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