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  1. arthritisreliefquick.com (This stuff works)
  2. Guys I did renew, but I had no idea the salary cap was in such bad shape.
  3. Tickets always go on sale the day after the first round of Draft.
  4. Phuck Him. Look at the Niners now
  5. You have forgotten about the Bears and the fact the Lions will lose Suh for 2 games at least
  6. Expect to see the Replay on NFL Network This week. Crap
  7. The oline blocking was perfect and Tony Gonzalez was not on the team.
  8. Injured knee on first goal line snap
  9. Ok I'm just worried about Baker, but he has to play because of where he was drafted.
  10. I would like to see Atlanta Switch Reynolds and Baker. "Reynolds was a tackle in College... " Am I crazy?
  11. Looked Healthy in first game yesterday. I hope he can stay healthy.
  12. I have not received tickets either. Guard your mailbox Wednesday.
  13. If you were the OC, would you make Weems the Slot receiver over HD?
  14. 38 mil, 6 year 16 mil guarantee
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