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  1. Both teams are 9-2. Mizzou lost to a last place Indiana and got shutout 34-0 by Georgia at home. They don't "deserve" to go in ahead of Georgia, but obviously no one can complain if they do. Those are the rules. It's hard to imagine Arkansas getting 3 huge SEC wins in a row after going two years without a win. At the same time, Missouri has no business winning 6 conference games in a row.
  2. What's wrong with Reed Johnson? Look at his numbers his last two years in Chicago, plus he led the NL in pinch hits last season. He's had a slow 50 games with Atlanta so far, but I wouldn't count him out just yet.
  3. Don't post nonsense like this without a credible source to back it up.
  4. This may be hard to believe as a Tech fan, but some teams actually try to keep their opponents out of the endzone. It's an oddly effective strategy. Even Georgia was hesitant to try it before today. Of course, Florida doesn't have the offensive prowess of a Middle Tennessee, so skepticism is to be expected.
  5. That's in no way the consensus. I'd say about 1/3 think the Redskins are going to lose, 1/3 think they could win a close one with some luck, and 1/3 are feeling confident. They seem very level-headed compared to most fan message boards.
  6. Abraham isn't allowed to have a respectable pass rusher opposite of him. Even when we had Kerney they were both ruined by injuries and couldn't get on the field at the same time.
  7. The Panthers played the best game they'll play all year and they still lost. They were even lucky with several missed opportunities by the Falcons.
  8. Replay can't be used on holding or interference and the Packers had no challenges for the fumble. The Newton touchdown you're complaining about looked like a touchdown to me.
  9. Try not to be irrational fans for one moment and think about how ridiculous what you're suggesting is. The NFL spent all offseason trying to bury the Saints and the Packers are coming off of one of the worst robberies of all time. Why would the NFL do anything to give the Saints an unfair advantage? There were missed calls, simple as that. It happens in every game of every sport at every level.
  10. He was targeted 8 times according to NFL.com. The Panthers were giving him a lot of attention and covering him well. That's the point of having two great receivers. Roddy had one of the best games of his career.
  11. Please. Ray Edwards is like Megan Fox's thumb. Even a 4-0 team has problems.
  12. I have never called the Falcons the best team in the league (and never will until they prove it in the playoffs), but I'm still liking this team after today. The Panthers played basically as well as they could ever hope to play and it still wasn't enough. This is the NFL, every team gets played close by teams they "should" beat comfortably. When the game was on the line our defense got the stop, our offense made the play, and our special teams ended the game. For all the negatives today there's as much and more to be happy about.
  13. Is this Swift? I'd probably be down if the old crew is still together.
  14. Not at all. If anything he receives more praise than he deserves. I had to mute my tv Thursday night when the announcer was like, "And people are still questioning whether or not Matt Ryan is an elite QB. Are you kidding me?!" He's not elite. He has flashes of brilliance and he's usually solid, but he has way too many moments where he looks lost and his arm strength fails him. Even Thursday in the midst of a tremendous first quarter he threw a terrible interception. The playoff failures speak for themselves. He's a good QB and I'm definitely a fan of the guy, but there's no question he has a long way to go before he earns that "elite" title.
  15. I don't know who still posts here, but after all the debates we had over the course of ~4 years I felt the need to check in. LeBron > Kobe
  16. It'll be hard to find someone as electrifying as Vick, but he wasn't nearly as respected as Chipper is. Chipper is getting standing ovations in every stadium he visits. I rather have another Chipper than another Vick. Obviously.
  17. Turner always does very well whenever he gets some help from his blockers. You can't ask a guy to constantly juke multiple tackles before he crosses the line of scrimmage.
  18. It's more the blocking and defenses than Turner. Still, the run game has been keeping defenses honest and the passing game has opened up as a result. The Falcons would be 11-3 if Ryan and the receivers were just able to connect on some easy passes against Houston and Tampa Bay.
  19. Running straight ahead as fast as you can't isn't always a good thing. Turner knows how to set up his blocks and hit the hole when it's there. That's why he averages 4+ yards a carry and has several big runs, while Snelling is averaging under 3 yards and has a long of 10.
  20. I doubt Dunta said that. It would be beyond pathetic if he did.
  21. There's a pattern there but I just can't put my finger on it...
  22. I don't want Crowell rushing back to play Tech. Thomas is more than good enough.
  23. I took a peek at the first GT message board that popped up (StingTalk) and that's one of the most vile groups of people I have ever come across.
  24. Smith needs to hire an assistant to make his 4th down, timeout, and challenge calls from now on.
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