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  1. I don't know who still posts here, but after all the debates we had over the course of ~4 years I felt the need to check in. LeBron > Kobe
  2. **** this thread is depressing. Averaging like 5 posts a day and they're all old hip hop or wrestling videos.
  3. He has been plotting for like 2 years and he still hasn't accomplished anything.
  4. That shirt must have been really tight. Or you were a fat kid.
  5. lol, come on man. I know you aren't this dense. Besides the fact that your argument still has no relevance to what I was arguing, don't pretend like that Packers team wasn't better than any team New Orleans had to play. And you want to whine about injuries that allowed you to lose to the worst playoff team ever, the Packers suffered far worse injuries and turned it into a Super Bowl. So hop off that injury excuse. I'm glad you got that Lombardi card, because you still can't make an argument without it. So go ahead, post another picture or YouTube video to somehow prove that the Saints were co
  6. I can live with losing to the best team in the league. A couple of slips and bad decisions made the score more lopsided than I would have liked, but a loss is a loss. Green Bay was the better team no doubt about it. I couldn't live with the worst playoff team of all time taking our manhood, though. But you guys got your fortunate run the year before (thanks Favre) so you can always play that card even when it has nothing to do with the argument at hand. So go ahead, Lombardi me.
  7. lol you don't quit with the excuses. The Saints had more than enough healthy starters to keep the offensively-challenged Seahawks from scoring 41. If they were as good as you believed them to be that is.
  8. Teams have bad games. We beat the Packers once, they beat us once. If having a rough game against the Super Bowl champs means you have a ton of holes to fill then what the **** are the Saints going to do after giving up 41 to the 7-9 Seahawks a.k.a. the worst playoff team of all-time? 11 new starters?
  9. The Falcons don't need to make a lot of moves in FA. There are a lot of young, talented players in place to improve the defense through their natural progression.
  10. The point is nobody can say anything great about a Georgia player on here without being called a homer, regardless of how illogical that accusation is. Green was the more accomplished player in college (based on statistics and awards), he was the more valued prospect heading into the draft, and he was drafted ahead of Jones, but to some you still have to be a homer to believe Green is the better player. If someone believes Jones is the better player, whatever, but to write off anyone who disagrees as a UGA homer is simply idiotic.
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