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  1. ill takem if he dont buy

  2. so nobody seriously knows if this video is now available?
  3. obviously I care or I wouldn't have asked...if you didn't know the answer to the question, no need to blast me for asking it. I need the song/video for a specific reason for something I'm doing for the kids..
  4. Anyone know if the SNF Theme Song by Faith Hill is already made for this week? And if it is available anywhere online? I know its a strange question, but was wondering if anyone knew this. Thanks!
  5. http://myespn.go.com/blogs/hashmarks/0-5-4...ina-bound-.html Crumpler Carolina bound? February 15, 2008 3:10 PM Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas I remember interviewing Alge Crumpler at the Senior Bowl in January 2001. At the time, Crumpler was talking about his desire to play for the Carolina Panthers. He was born in Greenville, N.C., went to college at North Carolina and has relatives in Charlotte and Crumpler said going to the Panthers would be a dream come true. That didn't happen as Crumpler became a second-round pick by the Atlanta Falcons. But, maybe, the scenario that Crumpler was hoping for then, could happen now. Crumpler was released as part of a seven-player purge by the Falcons on Friday and that makes him a free agent at a time when the Panthers could be looking for a pass-catching tight end. Carolina offensive coordinator Jeff Davidson made a lot of noise about getting the tight ends more involved in the passing game when he was hired before last season. That never really materialized because the Panthers were rotating quarterbacks and didn't have any big threats at tight end. But the Panthers haven't given up on the theory of getting more out of the position and part of their mission this offseason is to add some playmakers to complement wide receiver Steve Smith. Carolina coach John Fox has a pretty good idea of what Crumpler, a five-time Pro Bowler, can do after trying to defend him twice a season since 2002. That's why a look at Crumpler by Carolina makes some sense. Crumpler can make catches over the middle and stretch the field. If the Panthers really want to get more out of their tight ends (and make life easier for Smith), they need to get a true pass-catching tight end.
  6. 1) pass to roddy white (for a 1st down) 2) pass to l. robinson (5-8 yards) 3) screen to norwood (for a 1st down) 4) running play to dunn for 8 yards 5) dunn up the middle for 1 yard 6) ovi up the middle for 2 yars (1st down) 7) pass to crump for a 15 -20 yard gain) 8) another passing play for a sack 9) pass to dunn (checkdown) for 5 yards 10) draw play...norwood breaks a long one for a td! * i can dream can't i*
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