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  1. I know it will be good to get an agreement in place, but if this year turns out to be uncapped, that is very good news for the Falcons. With the 8 playoff teams not being able to sign players in free agency, in the NFC we will be the #1 desired landing spot for alot of top free agents, and Im thinking #2 in the entire NFL perhaps behind only the Steelers. I think we will be able to load our roster this year with a nice crew of free agents and sign them to only a 1 year contract. With only signing them to a 1 year contract, depending on the 2011 agreement, they will be allowed to enter free age
  2. Dang I see somehow im still getting negatives. I should be starting in the Atlanta Falcons message board pro bowl
  3. It will be nice if we could get Philly or Pitt When we come off a bye, and get the other when they are on a short week.
  4. I really do like the Schedule. It will test our offense with playing Baltimore, Pitt, and Philly
  5. Ok that might be it, I was too excited for him and never noticed the penalty.
  6. I counted 4 catches in the game. On I think the final drive of the 2nd qtr, I think he had 3 catches on that drive, but im not sure. Whenever it was, I know it was three catches within a few plays. What I am wondering is, I could of sworn, Tony G caught the first pass of the game. Wouldnt that be 4 catches. If anyone recorded the game, could you see who caught the first catch of the game
  7. This doesnt look like too tough of a schedule, but you never know. Im thinking another 11-5 year. Oh yea, stop with the negatives, I cant afford too many more or I might make the Atlanta Falcons message board pro bowl if yall keep voting for me...lol Atlanta Falcons Home: Carolina, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Arizona, San Francisco, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Green Bay Away: Carolina, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, St. Louis, Seattle, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia
  8. lol @ the negatives I get for speaking my mind and telling the truth, whats negative about telling the truth? Oh well keep the negatives coming, I might set a message board record cause im gonna keep speaking on the issues
  9. That has been said on ESPN all week that Ryan and Flacco are the 2 biggest disappointments in the NFL this year, with Ryan leading the way because Flacco might take the Ravens into the playoffs again
  10. This dude is never consistent. I must agree with all experts that he is the biggest disappointment in the NFL this year
  11. You right about Jerry, so scratch Stroud off the list, but we still need to go after Seymour. We can try and move Anderson and Bab for a starting corner or draft picks. The only reason I think we let Bab go is because he lied about his situation at first, and this is gonna remind Mr Blanks alot of what Vick did.
  12. I think we need to keep this guy, because honestly, he is the only DL in the backfield constantly. The downside to this is, there is surely to be a 4 game suspension coming next year, so do we want to go through with this, and just trade him off for a 3rd or 4th round pick and go heavily after Seymour in the off season. Seymour has stated he would like to finish his career close to home, and I believe its about that time he may be looking at the Falcons as his final playing spot. I think we need to go ahead and trade Bab and JA for Marcus Stroud (he is not happy in BUF, and he knows our system
  13. I knew I would get a few negatives for just bringing up the subject but its the truth. Nickel Back will be a good place for him, but I said safety because I would like to see him on the field more due to his recent play, just not at corner. If he is playing safety, he can use more of his instincts, and QBS cant find when and where to target him. As a safety, he has the leaping ability to jump and break up passes, he tackles well, and I think he will be better matched up against tailbacks, and tightends that receivers. Give it every now and again he will be matched against a receiver, but I lik
  14. I really dont like him as a corner, but I must admit, he make plays on the ball, well atlease better than the other corners on the team, besides Owens (got alot to learn). I dont want him as our starting corner, but I will like to see him as a starting safety, taking coleman spot. He is too short to play corner, but can play safety, and I think he can be a good safety. I might get more negatives, as I always do for speaking my mind, but oh well, chime in.
  15. Its amazing how people get negs for speaking their mind, and having an opinion, and most of the time just be telling the truth about this team. Like the poster said, our defense suck, and he is telling the truth, but get negatives for it, thats a crock of you know what. Someone else on this thread said we run the ball well, I dont know what falcons u been watching. Since turner been out, I dont think we have rushed for 100 yards, so how are we rushing the ball well? Im sure im going to get some negatives also, but oh well, nothing new. ALSO TO ADD, TO COUNTER THESE IDIOTS GOING AROUND GIVING P
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