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  1. Definitely lost cause of play calling but we would not have sniffed the game without Kyle. We haven’t, yet here he is yet again and probably with a less talented team.
  2. This clip is as bad if not worse than the university of Miami gif where the big boy was dancing
  3. I don’t think so either but we already know Danny isn’t the answer so it doesn’t hurt to see if the next man can step up. We have depth at that position so if it’s a good enough process for the players then it should be good enough for the coaches. Next coach up
  4. He definitely has the option to do so now though and it’s actually in his best interest with the current coaching staff. Its an open audition. Dirk, Raheem, Mike, Greg, and **** even Bob. Never know you might have a winner.
  5. lol why do they think they are smarter than the rest. Leave the green alone enjoy a fruitful career retire and then od on mary jane if it's that important. Do it in that order though.
  6. Scoring a touchdown...

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