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  1. Given the talent on this offense we should be neck and neck with NO....a OC with these weapons who can’t look like Gods gift to football is a bad OC Kyle isn’t Gods gift but he **** sure looked like it behind the wheel of this sports car
  2. lol almost got him
  3. Tell his agent we want Donald results
  4. Same old ish what more do you need when you have seen all the motivational videos and speeches after the super bowl loss.
  5. Home cooking? Oh wait...
  6. The Patriots
  7. Someone check his INT numbers in the red zone. I don’t know the numbers but I know it’s not good which explains why he’s always throwing to the back of the end zone and near the pylons. Also as good as he used to be in 2 and 1 minute offenses....,that’s over cause he now tends to turn it over in those situations
  8. lol why do they think they are smarter than the rest. Leave the green alone enjoy a fruitful career retire and then od on mary jane if it's that important. Do it in that order though.