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  1. Is he an int machine or is Haskins lol
  2. Kazee is my starter....
  3. Steve Sabol called him so he’s obviously blessed
  4. Stopped reading at “one of the blacks”
  5. Senior bowl highlights shows a high motor and a don’t quit attitude. That is all
  6. How does John Cominsky go over Walker. Walker must have some serious issues we don’t know about.
  7. Very productive in college so why is no one biting?!?
  8. Y’all forgot about Richard Sherman’s draft profile?
  9. Given the talent on this offense we should be neck and neck with NO....a OC with these weapons who can’t look like Gods gift to football is a bad OC Kyle isn’t Gods gift but he **** sure looked like it behind the wheel of this sports car
  10. lol almost got him