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  1. Called it hopefully dude can average nearly 60 yards per and not take his time doing it... then we can have our cheaper alternative to Bosher next year
  2. Who was the dude that punted a game or 2 for us last year or the year before... his name was Matt too I believe but I can’t remember his last name, regardless I think he kicked farther (and quicker) than Bosher has lately ... I’ll answer my own question... looked it up, 2016 Matt Wile had 2 punts and averaged 58 yards. Which is as good as I remembered but a smaller sample size than I had thought
  3. i appreciate what he brought in 2016... but I really soured on him after the contract talks during the Super Bowl week im over seeing him on the field, he’s definitely lost his quickness and stop/start capability... now it’s just a stop and wait till the defense closes in. give me ito Ollison and hill and figure something out
  4. I’m done with Freeman, activate either of the the big backs and split them with Ito. Freeman looks slow, looked that way last year before he got hurt. It’s like he’s out there thinking instead of reacting.
  5. I’ve actually changed my mind about this... Vic’s one advantage is his speed so by him lining up so wide it’s actually just creating more space/time for the tackle to step out to him. I feel like if he would line up a little tighter he could use his first step to get around the tackle before he can unset. the wide 9 would be more beneficial if Vic had a spin or bull rush, or anything to take advantage of the space he’s created. I like tak lining wide because he can get around but he also has great push and the running start really helps that.
  6. I’d take shede as a backup over McClain, Shelby, Zeller and even Senat for pass rush. He lacked technique and sometimes effort, but the man could push the pocket and drive his man back. regardless, agree to disagree... I just want some size and attitude on defense, big bodies allow Deion and the smaller lbs to fly around, it doesn’t matter how fast u are if a 320 pound guard gets to the second level and locks the linebackers up instantly
  7. I watched every game this year and the year before and the year before... I know hageman was cut due to a domestic charge of some nature... i know he is out of the league, I know he was working this past offseason to get back in... probably not a good sign that he was unable to do so but I also know that he’s a big strong body which we are currently missing and when he decided he really wanted to, he could push the pocket better than anyone currently employed by the falcons... that’s why I suggested putting him into a rotation to where he isn’t asked to do much but just go in on a limited snap count and disrupt and punish the man in front of him. If he’s serious about coming back, he’s the type of big body we lack and he should be a relatively cheap option to fill a need.
  8. I just want to stop the whole line changes... put the four best in the field and give them breaks individually as needed. Teams all year will get into running formations and we would have Shelby McClain Senat and Reed on the field, play action - 0 pass rush Put 3 or 4 wrs on the field and 1 back, bring in our rushers tak Crawford Grady and Vic then just hand off and run right down our throat
  9. Give me a rotation of Grady, Crawford, Senat, Rashede hageman and a 330 pound run stuffer tak, Beasley, Bruce Irvin, means and edge rusher from draft