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  1. 500 whites were killed by blacks in America last year 229 blacks were killed by whites
  2. No doubt, that was cringeworthy
  3. Absolutely, dangerous job.. a lot more dangerous than playing football, how much do cops get paid for this dangerous job that football players are experts on?
  4. Wonder if Grady and Poe were kneeling for the 101 police officers killed on duty this year alone... probably not, probably should just stand up and go play the game
  5. FBI data shows 42 percent of cops killed are killed by blacks... yet they only make up 13 percent of the population... wow, maybe Malcolm Jenkins should protest for the cops... or maybe he should just stick to playing football
  6. 1 white is killed per 22600 arrest made 1 black is killed per 24700 arrest mAde so regardless of population, don't commit crimes and you're less likely to be shot by police... even tho as u see, it's tough being white these days, maybe someone should protest
  7. Whites killed unarmed 14 blacks killed unarmed 10 why isn't Michael Bennett crying for the whites killed... does he know their names or nah?
  8. Washington post... 2017 whites killed by cops - 360 blacks killed -174 hispanics killed - 123 why aren't the players crying for the whites killed?
  9. more whites are killed by cops each year more unarmed whites are killed by cops each year 444 black babies are aborted per year, protest that Cops are 18 times more likely to be killed by criminals than unarmed deaths from cops 97 percent of black homicides are committed by another black person, protest that maybe the players should help their communities by protesting against gang violence and the "no snitching" mantra that makes policing so difficult Or maybe the players need to stick to playing the game cause it seems that a lot of fans nowadays don't appreciate spending an entire weeks pay check to go watch a football game with their family and have to see millionaire players disrespect the country over some misguided media driven bs and cry about being oppressed