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  1. Can’t stand the way he walks around trying to stick his chest out
  2. I feel like brown and McGary are starting to work better together... do we put Lindstrom at left guard?
  3. Reid got his *** put on a knee
  4. Just keep everyone... except dirk
  5. Great college qb... below average nfl qb imo of course
  6. How can people not differentiate between a “normal sports brawl” and swinging a helmet into another players skull it would be the same as a baseball player charging the mound and swinging the bat at a pitchers head Both would be ridiculous i don’t care who “instigated” I care who took it beyond what it should’ve been and I’m someone who enjoys this kinda stuff normally... I hated the braves didn’t stick up for acuna against the Marlins/ cardinals, I’ll only watch playoff basketball if a series gets heated... I hated seeing our guys stand there and not take vaccaro out against the saints... but swinging a helmet at someone is crossing a line... which should be obvious
  7. Right. the game is over at that point, he hit Rudolph high then rolled him over when everyone else is just basically riding the clock out... down 14 points, 10 seconds left... on your own 10 yard line rudolph retaliates by grabbing mg’s helmet (see it every week, no big deal) garret responds by grabbing Rudolph’s helmet (see it every week, no big deal) rudolph is being picked up by his helmet so he uses his legs to push off of Garrett and get out of his control (hardly a kick that some are claiming) all of this is fine from both sides until Garrett decides to hit the man over the head with it on live tv in front of 70 thousand people at the stadium... there’s a difference between a football scuffle and have no control over your actions
  8. Because someone may lose their temper and find a heavy object and hit u over the head with it, but it would be your fault and they’d be the victim
  9. What would be the correct word to call somebody who would rip another mans helmet off then swing it as hard as they can to hit that man over the head with?
  10. I had forgotten how much fun a falcons game could be if they actually show up
  11. ... but what? our best back rushes the ball 0 times our best cornerback (highest paid) didn’t play Our starting right guard is out
  12. Don’t overlook the secondary... Brees is having to old onto the ball on some of the sacks
  13. I’ve been on the tank wagon for a few weeks now... but I will never not wanna beat the saints
  14. I like Parker’s half court game... transition not so much
  15. 4-3... get a couple big bodies for the interior, no more tweeners at end. move Debo to weak side, get a thumper old school type for the middle... have the ability to stop the run with the front 7... since Neal is most likely done for us, find a strong safety whose strength is coverage instead of in the box. Man to man, don’t be scared to blitz... try to beat the offense instead of trying to keep the offense from beating you
  16. I want some players to have great games, show improvement and heart. To give hope for the future... and in some cases entice another team to trade for them before the deadline. i want others to Play terrible, forcing their way to the bench... eventually off the team. overall the last thing i want is a pointless win to prolong this era and drop in the draft
  17. Would be trading no running game and soft *** defense for no running game and soft *** defense
  18. My only interest in the remainder of our games is HOPEFULLY seeing what quadree ollison, Sheffield, Jordan Miller and Russell gage can do
  19. I’d rather keep Quinn than McCarthy
  20. Hated him from his time with the saints (obviously) but with the soft *** defense we’ve had recently, I’d actually welcome that duo. guess he’d be connected to rob Ryan as well?... in that scenario give me Gregg williams
  21. Hated the thought of this when I first saw this thread... I think he’s actually my top choice right now, I’d like to see who he could bring with him for dc.
  22. I’ve been thinking don’t extend hooper the past few years, I feel like he will always be good but not great. im starting to change my mind, he always shows up... puts in the work with Matt in the off season. Maybe keep him around... just don’t make him the highest paid tight end.
  23. I meant to rewind that play to make sure I saw it correctly... but Im pretty sure the tackle was literally blocking Beasley with 1 hand while looking over his shoulder watching the rest of the play happen... Beasley just stood there not even trying to disengage, even though tak was chasing Murray right towards him.
  24. Whistle blown before recovery