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  1. Those helmets look good, silver face mask looks great Remove stripes from jerseys and have the stripe on pants be the same length all the way down... add red pants and silver pants and I’m cool with these
  2. I’d take the white jersey red pants, not a fan of the other 2 looks
  3. i hate our current uniform and logo... the only thing that could make them worse would be white helmets
  4. If we have to keep the current logo... I say make it oversized on one side of helmet with just the players numbers in white outlined in red on the other side. hoping for the old bird to comeback but I don’t like the chances of that happening
  5. Can’t stand the way he walks around trying to stick his chest out
  6. I feel like brown and McGary are starting to work better together... do we put Lindstrom at left guard?
  7. How can people not differentiate between a “normal sports brawl” and swinging a helmet into another players skull it would be the same as a baseball player charging the mound and swinging the bat at a pitchers head Both would be ridiculous i don’t care who “instigated” I care who took it beyond what it should’ve been and I’m someone who enjoys this kinda stuff normally... I hated the braves didn’t stick up for acuna against the Marlins/ cardinals, I’ll only watch playoff basketball if a series gets heated... I hated seeing our guys stand there and not take vaccaro out
  8. Right. the game is over at that point, he hit Rudolph high then rolled him over when everyone else is just basically riding the clock out... down 14 points, 10 seconds left... on your own 10 yard line rudolph retaliates by grabbing mg’s helmet (see it every week, no big deal) garret responds by grabbing Rudolph’s helmet (see it every week, no big deal) rudolph is being picked up by his helmet so he uses his legs to push off of Garrett and get out of his control (hardly a kick that some are claiming) all of this is fine from both sides until Garrett decides to hit
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