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  1. I meant to rewind that play to make sure I saw it correctly... but Im pretty sure the tackle was literally blocking Beasley with 1 hand while looking over his shoulder watching the rest of the play happen... Beasley just stood there not even trying to disengage, even though tak was chasing Murray right towards him.
  2. Whistle blown before recovery
  3. Because the players and coaches want to be activists and sjw’s and politicians... unless it could cost them a dollar, then they’ll do anything to protect that dollar.
  4. It would be hard to listen to “brotherhood” all day everyday if they view Quinn as someone willing to fire and scapegoat any of his assistants at anytime.
  5. Without a doubt
  6. We all know dan Quinn is a players coach and isn’t jumping anyone’s butt in the sideline... which can be fine to an extent. The problem I believe is that Koetter isn’t either, and neither is Raheem Morris or Manuel or Sarkisian.. Shanahan had the reputation when he came that he was hard to get along with, I believe he demanded excellence from the offense in practice and on game days. Y’all remember him and roddy not getting along? U remember the video with Julio and Michael Jenkins talking about roddy not wanting to practice hard and taking practice seriously but he would show up on game days?... except he didn’t really show up under shanahan in 2015... robiskie wasn’t afraid to tell players what they needed to hear... I don’t know too much about Richard Smith but he sure didn’t seem to be the ra ra type. im just saying maybe we’re lacking a balance that we had back when things were enjoyable around here... good cop bad cop ya know
  7. It really is ridiculous for blank to come out and say Julio will be a falcon for life and we want him to be highest paid wideout... kinda undermines anything Dimitroff can say in negotiations. How about either not commenting or simply saying that both sides are working on a deal and he hopes one can be worked out
  8. Not gonna fire Quinn with another road game next... not that I think blank would do it regardless
  9. Grady, Debo, mcgrary, Lindstrom, jake, Ridley .... listen to offers for anyone else
  10. Pro bowl mlb just got ran over by a wide receiver going over the middle ... that’s us
  11. Always liked Poole... would like to have him with Kazee at free safety right now
  12. I actually like Takk with his problems last offseason and his apparent interest in cowboys, I’d say get something back while we can
  13. I’m not against trading anyone at this point... we need some cap relief and I’m ready to start over if a contender loses their center, send Mack away... I’m sure he’d like to have another shot in the playoffs were gonna need to cut Sanu most likely anyways, might as well get a pick for him Julio has been in the league 9 years(?)... and someone has won the Super Bowl every year without him matt Ryan is by fAr the best quarterback in franchise history... but I wouldn’t be mad to move on keep Debo... but I’m thinking move him to weak side and draft a thumper mlb... keep Grady, Lindstrom, mcgrary, Ridley... listen to offers for anyone else... I’m bored of this team and direction we’re going
  14. Who takes over the defense?... bob sutton? mularkey interim with Sutton dc?
  15. Called it hopefully dude can average nearly 60 yards per and not take his time doing it... then we can have our cheaper alternative to Bosher next year