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  1. Why would he get J Marcus money J was #1 overall ?
  2. I watch alot of jag games and outside of henderson they have well coach players and don't say oh they had stroud because he has been injured and getting smoked the last couple of years. One thing you you don't have to question is smiths defensive approach. Matt Ryan was not a guy i liked to much but all you here from people close is he is a straight work horse and a pure gym rat, something we haven't had in along time if ever.
  3. Fred Taylor one of the most under rated backs in the league. I had a chance meet him outside football a total class act.
  4. Why would we sign him we want another back for some reason we can get one with a real low draft pick.
  5. Dude what the **** are we suppose to say boy i hope we get pounded this year? Just another bandwagon rider as soon as we do something its boy I'M THE BIGGEST FALCONS FAN!
  6. if you like watching one foot catches stay to the college ranks. If a player is carried out it is still a catch. if he is knocked out then its not catch this takes alot of the refs judgment out this can only be a good thing.
  7. WE nener had scouta personell scout like TD before neither. I also think Boley got snubbed last year wait until this year.
  8. That is true everyone is forgetting that and Redman also bad back problems. So? Mike Vick broke his leg and that didn't stop us from cheering him on when he came back, nor do I think it gave many people reservations about his capabilities (... at least reservations that weren't already there). A broken leg heals a bad back is not something that just goes away. Please don't compare vick to Redman.
  9. Dude hes not been effective returner for a couple of years. His receiving skills is nothing to brag about neither. If we are wanting a wr to replace jenkins lets at least up grade.
  10. . Redman is riding the coattails of a meaningless win against Seattles 3rd stringers. That is true everyone is forgetting that and Redman also bad back problems.
  11. I live in the area of jax. and they are alot of talk that the jags are talking to mo. I have no limk but Pete prisco been talking about this on the radio. Mo williams is young but i watch him alot he takes alot of plays off. The one you would want from jax is chris naeole he is older but has enough left for us to build depth behind.He also will be cheaper.
  12. Woodson really struggled at the end of the season and he was not accurate at the Senior Bowl or at the combine. Coming in this year Brohm was the the #1 Qb and as bad as i hate pigtrino he did use Brohm nicely. Henne had a strong end to his season. Flacco would be a project but i really believe he has more upside.
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