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  1. I was watching today and just said " so be it" he's thrown into the fire. He's gonna have bad plays. Only way to learn and get better is to play. It is what it is.
  2. Some things I noticed early in the game the bootleg run plays were picking up 5 or more yards a clip. I thought this is perfect as it will open up the playaction bootleg. And they never really did it.. when they did try the eagles defender never bit and was in Ryan's face. There was one play late in the 3rd or early in the 4th where Ryan checked down and ridley was streaking down the middle wide open, would've been a easy td . Think Ryan was shook by all the hits he was taking. Gonna be a long year if this online doesn't get better
  3. I'll give smith his props about holding people accountable. I believe it was after the 2nd field goal in the 1st quarter he looked like he was ripping into the o lineman on the sideline after the penaltys
  4. I was there.. there were alot of eagles fans, but they always travel well. As I talked to alot of people at the game and around the city, the truth has always remained atlanta is is a college football town. Plus the bad records recently don't help. But it was a pretty packed stadium by midway through the 1st quarter
  5. Awesome. Food cheap. Free refills. Say what you will about Arthur blank. He cares about the fans
  6. Just want to apologize for my presence at the game today . I've been to 6 falcons games in my life , and they've lost everytime 😪.( all on the road) my first time traveling to the new stadium I thought my luck would change. Boy was I wrong. The only positives I take from this trip is the city is absolutely wonderful, and the stadium is hands down the best venue I've ever attended. Also my glass half full approach reminds me that we lost our 1st game in 16. And the game I attended that year was our worst loss of the year , to the eagles. Also I wasn't to upset at the outcome based on the fact this was the 1st time the starters were on the field. We will see.. anyways, thanks atlanta for a wonderful experience, minus the game. We will figure it out sometime in my lifetime.
  7. Thanks all. Just was wondering what I needed to be prepared for to enter. Can't wait!
  8. Flying down to see the falcons at home for the 1st time ever. I've seen them 5 times but all on the road. So excited!Can anyone post a link on what the covid requirements are at benz stadium. If you need Vax card or proof of negative test, or neither. Thanks alot
  9. Because atlanta is a transplant city. Most people arent from atlanta. They move there. Maybe in the next couple generations things will change. But doubtful. Its the same in places like houston.
  10. I dont really care honestly. I been a fan since 89. Ive seen alot worse. It is what it is. Wont change mylife either way. Win or lose i ride wit em.
  11. Cuz u have to evolve. Look at the texans. They are exactly how we used to be. If u are a pass team uralways in the game. If u cant run the ball and get down early. Your done if ur a run team
  12. Hate to say it. But better it happened in week 2 than week 15
  13. Its funny because we are up 24-3 and i come on here and 95% of the posts on the first page are negative. Thats why these boards suck nowadays
  14. yea. Some peopke get upset about it. But it is what it is. I think its a smart move. Let em prepare like all our starters are playing. And if there not. They have to deal with someone they havent prepared for
  15. Heres the deal with this situation. Smith has done things with this franchise that have never been done. But blank doesnt have a long leash with any coach. He let reeves go after we had a horrible season with vick hurt. Then mora got the axe after 2 bad seasons. Blank wants a superbowl. If we dont make the playoffs this year. I would be surprised if smith lasts. Just my opinion
  16. Same as if we won. " proud of our guys. Showed alot of resilliance. Made plays when we needed to. Gonna check the film . Always good to get a win in the division on the road." Same ol same ol
  17. Only problem i have is if we got pushed around bt the sorry *** saints. Whats gonna happen when we go up against a semi decent defense?
  18. Wasnt he the dallas co. When we lost to them a few years ago in dallas?
  19. If decoud can actually tackle people better this year we may have a shot
  20. No.but im never confident till like week 10. I havent been the last couple years but it always turns outwell. So ill just wait and see
  21. I live in delaware and never heard of him cuz i dont follow UD but my pop is a season ticket holder after the first preseason game i asked about him. My pop was tellin me he was there best player by far and a leader who can play every linebacker position. And play it well. And hes a tackling machine. Which weve seen the last couple games. Ill definitly be pullin for him cuz hes actually born and raised in delaware. Not too many people from here make it in the pros. The last were orian and kwame harris. And they didnt fair to well
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