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  1. Sad thing is that there are a lot of Atl fans that sit at the games like they are watching golf.. it pisses me off.. I yell and scream the entire game (along with Tandy!) I went to the game at FedEx field, and all I could think was "**** this place is loud as ****!" Lets make some noise Sunday!!
  2. Mr Mack Retired Army Warrant Officer, Warrant Officers are addressed as "Mister" - Everyone called me Mr. Mack!
  3. Rise Up, Rise Up, RISE UP!!!!!!!

  4. 123!! Rise Up! Lets get LOUD , the WHOLE GAME!!
  5. We have a solid shot at making it to the playoffs.. the Saints have not been playing solid ball. While we have been getting better each week. It seems like the Falcons always play to level of their opponent.. we need to just put up 31 point every week! (oh yeah, and get a new OC please..)
  6. Well, considering he was injured then recovering earlier this season, there is hope. He has gotten some pressure at times... but he needs to light a fire and EARN that money! Abe is just getting old.. not alot of gas left in the tank..
  7. Yesterday Roddy White tweeted something like "who is this guy on NFL Network..." Exactly, who is he??
  8. How much is MJ getting paid? Maybe we need to restructure his deal, OR deal him away!
  9. They need to trade him away so we dont have to see him twice a year!
  10. Good for him! He was UNdrafted for a reason.. we should go after Bush (yup, Reggie)
  11. The Turner and Snelling tandem is just fine.. they can punish a defense when used right. I used to be Norwoods #1 fan, but lets face it, he cant stay healthy.. let him go, and draft a young speed back... I think we have more issues at WR and Defense that need to be addressed.
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