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  1. That's awesome, I was wondering why they jumped into the crowd. It was the section over from me but I couldn't get there. The amount of Falcon fans really blew me away, it seemed more like a home game than road game. Matt Bryant's wife and son were sitting just in front of us, my wife and I spent most of the 4th quarter talking to them between plays. After the game Matt sent two pairs of gloves and a towel to his son and she gave us a set of gloves as a keep sake for our son. I've never seen a kicker wear gloves so I'm not sure who's they were. Probably one of the coolest experiences I've ha
  2. Got my tickets a little earlier ( my uncle is a season ticket holder for the argos so he got in on pre-sale) sitting section 131 row 10.
  3. I'm from Winnipeg, Canada. Flew down to Atlanta for my first NFL game against Carolina in 2009. Already got my tickets for the game in Toronto and cant wait.
  4. I'm not really familiar with the Rogers Center is section 131 decent seats?
  5. Cant wait for this game. Started making arrangments the minuite I saw the schedule come out. Would love to meet some fellow Falcon fans
  6. A source tells the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that the Packers do not appear close to signing free agent Steven Jackson. Source:Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Mar 13 - 9:48 AM Just came up on rotoworld
  7. Agree with this. Would read it regardless but the player or coach dimension added would be nice.
  8. What about the contracts TD handed out last year to Blalock and Clabo? Granted Dahl walked but to me thats showing some love to the dishwashers.
  9. Also from Winnipeg, glad to see another fan in this city.
  10. Agreed if I can make it through the Petrino disaster I can make it through this.
  11. You might get more votes if you changed the poll to which division rival do you hate the most.
  12. Also noticed most of TD's picks over the last 3 drafts have been senoirs. I'm not saying he wont pick a junior(lofton I believe was) but maybe staying in school is something he values.
  13. I am looking for the picture of someone holding up a falcons helmet with taped up hands. If anyone can send me a link or just post the pic that would be awesome. Thanks
  14. The first Carolina game. Not that it was that great of a game just the first NFL game I had been to. The SF game was a close second.
  15. I believe he is Canadian and falcon is pronounced that way here. Apparently we talk goofy up here.
  16. me thinks you mean deangelo williams. Hall plays for the redskins
  17. I am not a frequent poster here but have been a member and reader for a long time. Yes our record is 4-3, but when you look at our losses all on the road as we all know. The combined record of those teams is 17-4 which is a .809 win pct. How does that indicate we are a bad team. I see no shame in that stat. Sorry just had to get that off my chest.
  18. I believe the Carolina game last year was flexed but just to 4:15. i think the NFC east were once again given primetime
  19. I just bought my tickets for the same game. Its actually my first NFL game period. Is there much to watch in the dome before the game starts?
  20. being from winnipeg and watched him first hand ill say no. Also it is alot colder than detroit
  21. Found this on rotoworld. not much new info but the thing about Ryan kinda scares me. Harry Douglas-WR-Falcons Aug. 5 - 3:23 pm et Falcons slot receiver Harry Douglas left Wednesday's practice with a left leg injury. Matt Ryan shouted a "loud expletive" after seeing Douglas go down. He had to be carried off the field by Brian Finneran, and was later placed on a cart. Douglas had been running with the starters with Roddy White holding out. Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution
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