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  1. Clear cut Proof that Belichick made a deal Putin send in an Op to tie Rrans shoe laces together.
  2. You just bunked up too. and imo we cant get Julio on a bus to Cleveland quick enough. The bunk is that Julio dont practice cause his bum foot. Dude wont make it through the 2018 season and he wants to hose the team for a "Guaranteed Contract" and go out on a Carreer Ending surgery. Bunk Enough for ya?
  3. Skrew Julio! Dude has the worst endzone production anybody has seen of a starting wide receiver in the entire NFL Dude dont practice, hangs out with TO,, demands mo money. I say trade his asz to Cleveland for a 7th and a stale pretzel.
  4. Nobis was a Good Man, very aproachable and easy to have a conversation with. But IMHO The right guy has replaced Tommy Nobis and that is JJ Watt. What JJ does off the field is not only Honorable, it is down right Nobel. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/j-j-watt-offers-pay-funerals-victims-santa-fe-high-school-shooting-034500166.html
  5. Mo money for Julio? Word is that Jonesy has the fewest TD's over the past 10 years among All Starting NFL Receivers. Dear Julio, take a mental rep and go f k yerself!
  6. Jedi !!!!! You have been missed, welcome back.
  7. Sorry to see this Great Man go, and my heart goes out to the Aints and the City of Nawlins. The Owner of ou most worthy advasarry has left us. Some of y'all dont get it, so lemme shed some perspective. Do any of us really give a flip about Tampa Bucs? Heii No. Does anybody other than Cammy give a rats patoot about the Panties? Definately Heii No and is a waste of time typing it out. Now then: Is there any other team in the NFL that you follow or pay attention to other than the Falcons? Yeah thats right its the Aints, and there aint no other team worth hatin on more than Nawlins. Rest in Peace Mr Benson and thanks for the Memories good and bad you were most worthy indeed.
  8. Too bad we did'nt keep Turbo and shipped Sark to Chicago instead.
  9. Harsh Bro, If you recall, I was living west of Chi Town during those years. The Fridge was special to Da Bearz and was an intergal part of that teams identity. On short yardage "critical down" dat bigass boi would simply use his weight to push the line forward for the first down or TD. Off the field he would be in TV ads and Chicago loved that guy. So yeah, there is a whole bunch of differance between Poe and the Fridge, but lemme add this. The fans in Atlanta loved Big Grady moreso than Poe, because everybody loves to watch the big fat guys make plays (and they do) and we all cringe when they get slapped down to the turf at the LoS. (and they all do). So yeah I will take Big Grady or the Fridge any day over Poe, bucause Poe just aint gots no "IT" factor. Who knows, maybe he winds up in "Jacksonville"?
  10. Great find, thanks for posting!
  11. Hes got some game and fluid hips. Dude will go In the 4th per his 40.
  12. "You want to send a message about “under executing” then ship Freeman off to San Francisco for their ninth or 10th pick in the draft. Use the first- and a third-rounder to move up from 26 in order to select massive Washington tackle Vita Vea. He would be the best player available to help the defense that could lose Dontari Poe. " this is the dumbest fudking thing Dled has ever said. even if Freeman did not have the brain mushing concussions he had last year, he still aint worth 9th 0r even 18th over all in the draft.
  13. Truth Right there. Knapp took a lot of heat during his previous stint in Atlanta, and everybody on TATF had knee jerk reactions screaming through their minds when the Knappster was signed again. It was without merit then as would be now due to the QB who's name shall not be mentioned. I like this addition to the offensive staff more than I dislike Sark. If Sark flames out this year Knapp will be in a perfect position to take over as OC of the Falcons.
  14. Dammm,mmm Skippy! In a superfantaboulous phuckoff gnutbuster trade We get Foles and a First from Cleveland , Cleveland gets Ryan and Dimitroff, PfFF illy ges Clevelands 2nd, 3rd and Scott Pioli. Aints get Weatherspoon and Sark. Purple Type? I dont need no stinking plurple type.