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  1. Truth Right there. Knapp took a lot of heat during his previous stint in Atlanta, and everybody on TATF had knee jerk reactions screaming through their minds when the Knappster was signed again. It was without merit then as would be now due to the QB who's name shall not be mentioned. I like this addition to the offensive staff more than I dislike Sark. If Sark flames out this year Knapp will be in a perfect position to take over as OC of the Falcons.
  2. Dammm,mmm Skippy! In a superfantaboulous phuckoff gnutbuster trade We get Foles and a First from Cleveland , Cleveland gets Ryan and Dimitroff, PfFF illy ges Clevelands 2nd, 3rd and Scott Pioli. Aints get Weatherspoon and Sark. Purple Type? I dont need no stinking plurple type.
  3. Pederson absolutely schooled Belichick with the "Poison Cup" Common tactic in the NFL , when an opponents offense is running plays that keeps your defense on the field too long, you run those same plays and schemes right back at them. As you did not prepare for these plays, neither did they and this will almost Always unerve the opponent. Eagles Practiced the reverse, and this became the poison cup, because it is a play that has to be practiced. So they revealed it in the walk through. Here is how it works
  4. Im sure he is,, He has back to back post season Badges.
  5. I would rather had a Lombardi. Rerminds me of Harvey Dahl. Mr Bad *** all season but come playoffs he gets jobbed like a little schoolgirl.
  6. I heard he was out being a party boy during superbowl week. If true then there is only one answer to your question. Not No; but heII farkin NO! 1998 Never Forget!
  7. Let me be the first: I can find the type color selector, so think Vikings Purple. What you are suggesting is to 3 way trade. Ryan to the Colts and Foles to Atlanta.
  8. No I hates all that is Pratiots, but if this was a team violation, the Billy Biy was right on. Do you remember 1998 Superbowl. Our mofkn team was out partying all week, and you never heard one solitary peep from the Bronco's. Come game day the Donks were focused and kicked our aszes. You dammm right you bench the pos who decides to party on suerbowl week. cant fix stupid.
  9. Did he take No Block Freeman with him?
  10. Deciding factor was he did NOT bobble the ball. He simply adjusted it for security Two questioned Calls. If the refs ruled in favor of the Pats, today woud have been a very dark and ugly day for the NFL.
  11. Collinsworth......! Y'all hear that little bicth; "if thats a TD then I dont know the rule at all". Thats right Chrissy poo, you dont know the rule and the Pats lost, and as Little Johnny says. Go FK' yerself! Y'all know I hates the Eagles,,,,,,,but I hates the dam cheating Patsies even more so. They are still spying opponents. Last night it became obvious on the reverse flea flicker. Patriots used it but mucked it up. Eagles ran it with perfection, meaning that they Practiced it and clearly was not something in McDaniels Playbook.
  12. We earned it. Welcome to the life of baing a Falcon Fan. Two thing you need to remember. 1. Manup to it and keep moving forward. 2. When you run across things like this, just walk the other way. There will be a time to settle the score and now is not that time.
  13. Wow that is suprising low number
  14. I wonder which of our guys had the most drops and which players missed the most practices?