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  1. Ever see an O Lineman 10-15 yards down field with a EB or Receiver right behind him? Or to put it another way. the one play that we all love to see is an O Lineman steam rolling a DB. Never gets old.
  2. How good will Itto be? Maybe the question is,, will he Choke in the playoffs. aka pull a Gurley. Uh huh, > ,,!, yerself grandma made those cookies for me, said little Johnny.
  3. Definately the NFL's "Play of the Year" Considering that this is the NFL every swinging richard on the team should know how to hit at the most basic level, and that was exactly what Basher did. But naturally; anything good out of ATL must be illeagle. Our kickers are unequaled in the NFL. Gonna be a drag to see Gator retire,,,hopefully not anytime soon. Cheers Yall.
  4. TANK ? I Gots knews for ya. We aint that good.
  5. Oh heIl no. Our defense is so bad that any avarage team can will and has whupped out Butts. Your Packers will score on every possesion and we will not, the net will be another Epic Beatin by the Pack. We are Soooo bad that even Coach Kirby looked smart calling that trick play against Bama.
  6. Our defense should not be this bad,,,,,,Period. Fire Dilly Bar Dan and bring in Mile Tice as the HC.
  7. Dilly Dan SMMFH. GTFO of the ATL
  8. Wow the eternal optimist you are. No way this defense holds brees to 50 points. Our defense is the absolute worst that I have seen i decades, and with all of the defensive Coaches we have there is just No Excuse, and strongly amplifies why these Coaches have no real history of success. Quinn needs too GO! he is Garbage and has lived off the back of Matt Ryan. Leave Sark in place and any Coach will succeed. nMike Tice is my Choice, because he will be good for the O Line and will leave Sark and Ryan to do their thing.
  9. No it is just our defense that blows glass.
  10. We are in the Top 10 in PPG because of Julio? How many TDs has Julio scored this season?
  11. Julio has become a huge liability and needs to go elsewhere. He Leads the NFL in most yards and fewest TD's of any starting WR over the past 12 years. His Yards are a Empty Statistic and if WRs had a rating system like QBs, no doubt that Jonsey would definately Not lead the League.
  12. Is because youse be a Newb I can remember bunches of seasons where we wuz like so close and the War Cry was "Wait til next season" Falcons gonna kills everybody" Then next Season comes, and along with it comes the F'n Injury bug. It is the Bane of the Falcons existance , and now we can consider a lot of you newbs to be seasoned Falcons Fans. Did somebody say that Cleveland was on the rise?
  13. By Gawd,, that was one of the finest moments in the History of the NFL. I would have No Issue with him returning to the Falcons, as an assistant. But Gruden might snap him up .
  14. Hmmm lets see if we can get all this sorted out. Scouts say the D Line class is best in like forever, meanwhile we do not have a secondary and Pittsburgh just got through rapping us and the Bucs are are salavating like Pavlovs dog, while waiting their turn with us. and Judge Kavanaugh has a kegger scheduled for the game with our locker room in mind. and you asked for Rt or even a LT with the # 6 pick? No Sir, DB is our positions of Greatest need and that is Exactly how Little Tommy D aka Surf Boy will draft. Altough we could Take a QB and let Ryan get a Lombardi elsewhere cause it dam sho aint happening here; we will be taking the top rated safety with our first pick.