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  1. "Let's Talk About Why I'll Miss Kyle" Lets dont and say we did.
  2. No FS! we gave up way too much for Julio. The point is that Julio is a HoF player and unless you have the No.1 pick of the draft you either gotta get real lucky. or you gots to pay, pay and pay some more for the player, Julio is a very rare athelete and Surf Boy had the foresight to go get him. No doubt that Julio, Matt Ryan and all who are Falcons, are very happy. And yeah I hated the trade up for a long time.
  3. The Boids are going to be scoring so much this year that you better go over to the Tech Campus and hire you one of them Chinese Engineering students to keep tally of who scored our points. And tell em to bring an addacus,,,,, they gonna need it ! Running Backs will score, at least 2 Tight ends will score, 5 Receivers will score. Did we even bother to sign a Full Back. This donts even count the defensive guys. CBs gonna Score, Beastly gonna Score, Safeties gonna Score, and one or two of them biggass Tackles gonna roll into the endzone for a score. And it aint even half time! If you look to see what the score is you are going to miss somebody dancin on a ref in the end zone.
  4. It really depends, on a lot of things. Not having a good good tax write off on an appreciating assett is one of them. G-Dawg can explain that to you better than I can.
  5. Verilly I say unto thee. Any yo bisches who aint quilty, let them bust the first cap!
  6. Asigned to the Falcons??? Goddell strikes again. But this guy will probably be the toughest SoB on the field ,,, that is, if he can endure the heat and humidity,,,,,,,and Turnip Greens!
  7. Sanu e' Julio jobbed every DB they faced last year, but first they gae them fair warning. It was a real ting of beauty.
  8. The Coaches and Management have done their Jobs, and now its time for all of us to do Our Job; and that is for us to get on our knees and pray for this years Team to be free from any significant injuries, and to stay out of trouble while off the field.
  9. Dude could not controll his mouth, aside from the F bom, he was heard saying GD a couple of times. (Walking to the Stage) Come game time in a critical series an O Lineman is gonna smack talk that picture of his Granny.. This kid will lose it and get jobbed as the result. Meantime the FCC will be handing down a big time fine to Goddell over the profanity.
  10. Eight baller up in smoke
  11. His use of profanity was totally classless. and harder to watch than the SB !
  12. Absolutely correct, and while Brady gets a couple completions on him the final outcome is vastly different. But we still need a better Pass Rush, and while I want the OG, he will not fall far enough to be in a reasonable reach. @31 or trade up, the Falcons go defense with the first two picks.
  13. Our Defense beyond all doubt got rick roled in the second hals, but equally glarng was our O Line and the inability to impose its will on NE's defense. But the FACT is that NE's Defense tightened up and they were only going to allow a field goal, and Kyles ego would not settle for a FG. At any rate we need O Line or Ryan is going to become the Poster Child of sacked QB's in 2017
  14. "G" -Dawg,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ohhh now I get it. G is for Gangster, because that Mock is Gangster!
  15. I seriously doubt that Lamp will be available at 31, and the question of which OT to draft for OG is perplexing, as a defensive player at 31 will likely give us the best value.