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  1. not to worry, Bloody Monday is just a few hours away. Dimitroff and Julio will both be gone at the end of the season too.
  2. dilly dan is nothing more than a cheerleader, Julio is greedy and Dimitroff has got to go
  3. No Sir. Dimitroff & Quinn need to go immeadiately. Julio Jones is far too expensive andneeds to be traded. He cost us 5 picks on draft day and every year his salary prohibits us from signing good defensive players. End of Season,,,,,,,,,,,,All Coaches BUH BYE! Go Bears
  4. Should have? Yes. TD is saving all those millions for Julio.
  5. Lookee here Chef.. I aint no Biermann hater but by cracky, we had us 24 mil in cap space. Did we get Suh? NO,,, ok I can live with that for reasons many. So who did we go out and get to improve our pas rush with that 24 mil ? Biermann? Now, with all things considered, tis signing is a big red flag, and the first of 3.
  6. This signing has really made me rethink my position on Rex Ryan!
  7. Yaaaa everybody knows that good players dont want to play in Atlanta
  8. Truth! I remember some time back there was a big flap about a dome team reversing the air flow to work against the visiting teams Kickers and even increasing the air flow. I think it was StLouis, but man that was a while back. Then you had the Sun Gate in the new Dome of Dallas.
  9. esmithidoc, on 01 Feb 2015 - 11:08 AM, said: Dude you are a young man, and in short order you will find this to be the Truth As you get older you will find that your time will be at a premium, and you may very well find that you have more Money than you have time to spend it. Thus your entertainment needs to have a top value for not the dollar, but for your time. There also has to be a dollar value to start with, because if there is not, then you could easily find your self with little time and even less money.
  10. Could not be anymore obvious. Go away..!..
  11. This is my quick take on Fowler and probably why he is favored by many 1. 6'3 270 is ideal for the NFL. Patrick Kerney was the prototypical DE during his Peak Years 6'5 278lbs. 2. Speed Fowler runs a 4,79 ,,, but the Combine drills will tell the rest of the story. He could rise or slide,,,,will be fun to watch this group of DE's 3. Conferance No diss to the other Div Conferances, but the SEC, IMO is still the toughest, and Fowler put up good numbers.
  12. Ken was a real pro. Back in the day,we had a lot of great players on and off the field. This current team has that going for it too. Largely we can Thank Gonzalez for that.
  13. Too bad the Falcons do not commision some of our Artist to create some posters. The one that gritz did is another timeless piece of art. Wish you could ad Julio in it, right under Ryan.
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