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  1. The fall guy is Absolutely brilliant!
  2. No this is not the case, unless you are refering you "they" as Sarkisian and Ryan. The play that this happened on was not only the worst possible play, butit was called at the wrong time. To top it off, there were a few missed assignments. The Defenders reactions are instant and Coleman got Hammered. This play was actually worse than the Play that Ryan under threw Julio and resulted in an Interception. Julio in turn delivered a devestating hit to tackle the guy, and the Hit he delivered was intentional and Born of Frustration due to the bad play of Ryan and the Incompetant play calling of Ryan and Sarkisian. So yeah, its the NFL and a TFL on a RB is usually fierce.
  3. Kubiak would be perfect, and Matt Shaub pretty much makes his debut as a QB Coach. Big question is how do we get on Dimitroff to get this done?
  4. Yes; he did and every week he would game plan on these traits and tendancies, and the big part of this would fall to the QB coach and OC for situational awareness. and naturally the next step is for the WR's RB's and Oline. You need a set of Eyes up Top and a Coach on the Sideline in order to keep everybody on the Same Page and we now need to ask why there is so much uncertianty on the field. Julio? 3rd Down or any friking down. Yeah Throw Him Open. Let Him go up and get the Ball. But for chit sakes dont throw it behind Julio,Its an Interception every dammm time. So Ccan we please start a Petition Now to Hire Kubiak?,,,,,,,,before its too freakin late?
  5. I think we should Hire Kubiak right away and at the end of the Season, Pay the ballance of Sarks Contract and let him go Coach UCF. Everybody wins!
  6. Ryan had the deer in the headlights look on his face all night.
  7. Julio really laid into that guy. B R U T A L Hopefully sombody will post a GIF.
  8. The game definately had some urgly spots and the interception against Julio was definately the uggliest; to make matters worse he made thesame lame *** pass in the endzone. The big tell tale was Matt Ryan looked lost all night. We are carrying the same playbook as last year, and Sarkisian cant seem to adjust to the NFL. On the Bright Side. How about our D Line pushing the pocket......Man that was nice to see. and Deion Jones INT,,,,,,,,,OUCH thats what you call sacrificing your body for the team. Spectacular Play of the Game.
  9. Raheem is a Defensive Coach, move his asss back to defense and hire a quality guy to Coach our WR's.
  10. The In-Laws thing,,,,,,,,, Nice try.
  11. "Saints not as good as their record" In the NFL you are who your record says you are. The 2017 Atlanta Falcons are having a miserable season due to poor Game Planning and Preperations. There are some total Douce Bags who will yip yap about Player Performance on the Field as excuse to defend the Coaches. Lemme tell ya,, if Not for the Players, we would have a far worse record. One other Point of Caution. The Saints love to wizz in the Falcons wheaties. Tonight will have a special added incentive. Beat us in the first meeting in our new home and start closing the door on our playoff hopes. Aints 37 Falcons 20 Keep this in mind, Raheem Morris, Assistant to Dilly Dan. Both need to hit the Road and Dimitroff has let too many good Coaches walk away.
  12. Yepp here we go. Dilly Dan Quinn has stated that there is not enough of the 12th man during the game. Of all the excuses that a Coach can make, this Aint one of them, and this little biatch would do well to not Blame the Fans for his fail as a HC. Or do we just say "Troffed" and call it a day.............yes that was a dig.
  13. C'mon man,, this is a High School color scheme. The Aints will think they are in the wrong place and leave,, Falcons Win. The other thought that comes to mind is Seattle,... Dilly Dan must really be missing it.