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  1. The Braves. Ronald Acuna Jr. has the highest potential ceiling of any Atlanta Braves player in recent memory. It is quite likely that next year he will be a 30/30 gold glove .300 hitter. His enthusiasm is contagious and the entire team is having fun while winning, and exceeding the plan for the last year of the rebuild. The Braves are going to come near to a 20 game improvement over last season, which is a spectacular turnaround season over season. If AA addresses bullpen concerns during the offseason, the Atlanta Braves will be serious contenders for the division title for a minimum of 3-4 years. All this in spite of the fact Brian Snitker is their head coach! It's been an outstanding and FUN year to watch the team develop. Fans with unrealistic expectations are going to wail and gnash teeth when they do get eliminated in the playoffs this year, and they will almost certainly get eliminated. But the season has already been more successful than anyone predicted.

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