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  1. 3 minutes ago, BirdFan33 said:

    Just realized that AT&T doesn’t carry the game because of the NFL Network bull****.

    Would you mind elaborating on this for me? I'm guessing whatever you're referring to is why I can't find the game on uVerse?

    7 hours ago, k-train said:

    There is literally nobody on here who has banged the table harder for the Falcons to find Schaub's replacement than I have.

    That said... Schaub is our best option of the guys we have had on the roster this offseason. Benkert looked like he was ready to give him a run for his money, but got hurt. He's already been placed on IR so we don't risk losing him at all.

    As for Etling, he's not that good.


    I get that, but if we lose Ryan, it's frigging over.