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  1. Hey ump!? That was HIS **** he was holding!
  2. Don't touch it! It's a FOOTBALL!
  3. He's the only man making tackles?
  4. I hope I don't have to look at him next week.
  5. Well, the bad news is, that's one of the most forgettable Falcon haves I've seen. The good news is, they'd have to TRY to do worse this half! ;-)
  6. I wish like **** you were not correct, but you are.
  7. I mean forget the cowardly play calling, to listen to that ***** talk about all the great things that happened under Sark is unbearable.
  8. Could we get a MAN to call Falcons game on TV?
  9. Some real Nancy girl defense.
  10. That's pitiful. Just pitiful.
  11. That was complete ********. There is no excuse in that crap.
  12. Yeah the block in the back was NFL dog squeeze.
  13. But does he have better sense?
  14. Thank you SkerFalcon! Is there any way to see past season (like the last 2-3) results?
  15. Pick'em again this season?
  16. Thank you!