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  1. Obviously, NFL Officials are still DOG ****.
  2. It appears, I'll drink more beers, than the Falcons score points!
  3. I do wish Coy would throw Kuchner over the balcony and just call the game himself.
  4. Well let's see some more hurdles!
  5. That turf tackles better than some falcons!
  6. It's systemic with this team to stop short of the line of gain on pass routes. They MUST teach this, you see it all season long!
  7. Their backups appear to be better than our backups. ROFLMAO
  8. He dropped the **** thing and still scored.
  9. It's not that kind of football Ridley.
  10. So what was Gradys mommas name? Was it Karen? Was he shot out of Karen?
  11. Could we find some homeless people to replace these announcers with?
  12. This is true, but we're still missing tackles when the opportunity presents itself.
  13. I'll amend that, we still don't know how to tackle.
  14. I see we still don;t know how to tackle in the open field.
  15. This **** is going to be HARD to take this year.
  16. News flash, Celestin will be back next week.
  17. If you're going to play like ****, this is the game to do it. Makes the first wave of cuts easy.
  18. Bet the post-show folks are looking for some huge lipstick for this pig!