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  1. The STUPID is strong with this team.
  2. Go sit down and take a ****.
  3. Because STUPID is is part of the brotherhood experience.
  4. Manuels Morons still don't know how to tackle.
  5. And congratulations again Julio, let this become atrend.
  6. Congratulations Julio!
  7. It's 40 with a 4mph wind. It's only a factor to a wimp like Sark.
  8. Sark, you are *****.
  9. Put the ******** ball down field!
  10. He's been running on reputation since the injury. That go-cart is sadly out of gas
  11. That's some sorry as defense right there. Manuels Morons are at it again.
  12. That was a significant limp he came up with.
  13. That's why you should hit wide open receivers with short passes Matt.
  14. Thank you SkerFalcon! Is there any way to see past season (like the last 2-3) results?