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  1. Yeah, the Saints will eat two birds this Thanksgiving!
  2. Archer will make excuses for him. "Well "Q", I know you had a great game plan, but this, that, and the other..."
  3. Blank is the one that let that our DC, posing as an HC, go out and hire his alcoholic friend with no NFL experience to be our OC. And he didn't lift a finger, didn't even think it wise to step in and say, "let's interview some other candidates for the position of OC of our NFL franchise." Blank, is part of the problem.
  4. A fitting end to a day in the dog pound at BROWNS stadium. **** and fall back in it Falcons.
  5. Yeah it was caught in the end zone and the ball was in the end zone, not that it matters to NFL officials. But you're right, would not affect to outcome, other than to make it look closer than it ever really was.
  6. quinn even lacks the balls and the sense to onside kick it.
  7. Like explosive diarrhea, sure. Appropriate in the BROWNS stadium.
  8. Can't wait for Sports talk on Monday to listen to Dave Archer suck Dan Quinns **** after this loss.
  9. And our dog **** excuse for a coach doesn't challenge that.
  10. The abject COWARDICE of Steve Sarkisian has begun to infect Matt Ryan.
  11. Breath deep the QUINNING. Funny we're playing the BROWNS, and we're the ones who smell like ****!
  12. You guys just don't understand "The Brotherhood"!
  13. GREAT play calling Sark!
  14. The BROWN line holds! LOL
  15. And a ****wit left tackle
  16. Of course, we also have a DC who can't teach grown men how to tackle!
  17. That's the thing, we probably could, but we have a spineless, weak *** wimp for an OC.
  18. Manuel has a drawer full of pictures, never going to happen.
  19. You CAN"T do THAT! Something BAD might happen! Just ask Sark.
  20. This is QUINNING at its best!
  21. Does this mean they'll promote Manuel to head coach now?
  22. Manuels Morons doing him proud!