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  1. I'm just not convinced Blank has the sense. He let Quinn hire an inexperienced alcoholic friend to be the OC, and never lifted a finger. Didn't even have the balls to say at least interview a few other OC's! He's good at going down on the sidelines to grin like a fool as his team engineers the biggest most embarrassing loss in Super Bowl history though! yeah, not holding out hope for action from Blank any time soon.
  2. There were FIVE times Manuels Morons rushed 3 men. NONE of them appropriate. ****, I have a hard time imagining a SEASON where I'd approve of a 3 man rush FIVE GD TIMES!
  3. As Dan Quinn gets ready for his weekly blowjob from Dave Archer on Monday afternoon Sports Talk.
  4. As I've counted, each and every time, FIVE times in one game. I can't imagine big enough leads to do it FIVE times in one season. But Manuels Morons think it's savvy.
  5. That's the FIFTH time in this game that Manuels Morons have used a 3 man rush.
  6. Makes you think if we TRIED that even a little more often we'd be a feared offense eh?
  7. Didn't happen, Ryan can't throw deep.
  8. Thank God this team has enough talent to overcome that FACILE MORON Sarkisian.
  9. I don't know if I got enough nitro when I went to CVS...
  10. You're assuming he has the capacity.
  11. **** you Sarkesian, just **** you.
  12. Manuels Morons demonstrate their tackling skills again.
  13. You'll be wondering for a long time.
  14. Well, there's goes the "reliable" argument.