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  1. Maybe Archer can blow them both on sports talk tomorrow.
  2. Relax, we're Quinning!
  3. Everyone knows it's a run, except Manuels Morons!
  4. Now Dave Archer will have to give Dan Quinn TWO blowjobs Monday afternoon on sports talk!
  5. They should, that should follow Quinn to his grave.
  6. The STUPID is strong with this team, from Blank on down.
  7. Look at dat, miracles do happen!
  8. Of course, our SPECIAL, Special teams, can't let Manuels Morons and Sarks Chitbirds have all the fun!
  9. Just think, if Quinn wasn't a foaming at the mouth MORON, we might have the ball back in good field position.
  10. Beyond pathetic, you can't make this kind of stupid up.
  11. You'd have to be Simple like Sark to understand.
  12. That open dome roof makes me think sphincter of the south.
  13. Ugly players are better than ugly play!
  14. Sarkisians' ****birds are flying low today.
  15. That would have been poor play in your local little league games.
  16. Manuels Morons making him proud today.
  17. That's just ******* great.
  18. Miss field goals on the road. Lose ballgames.
  19. I agree with everything except the qualifier you used as the last word in the title of the thread.
  20. It's like asking if they could hit the lottery. No. They didn't even buy a ticket!
  21. "In theory, theory and practice are the same, in practice, they're not."