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  1. LOL at this joke of a team ****ting itself in front of the biggest audience of the year.
  2. More than a YARD short on the spot. Corrupt ******.
  3. Yay! Now we have to let the defense back onto the field. :-(
  4. What a (I used a word here that required my mouth to be washed out) Sark is.
  5. Odds on a jet sweep in the next series?
  6. He's made more sense tonight than Dan Quinn has all season. Hire the man!
  7. Indeed. Quinn is a DC, not a HC, never has been. Sarkisian is in so far over his head he can't comprehend daylight. Manuel can't even teach players to wrap up and tackle. And the ST coach is one of the worst in NFL history. Top down this team is hopelessly lost without wholesale change of leadership.
  8. As Dave Archer wonders if he's going to have to give two blow jobs on Monday afternoon...
  9. The football gods are sodomizing the Atlanta Falcons this year. We are the ***** of their choice.
  10. That's a Turd Trophy for Manuels Morons!!!
  11. Praise Jesus! That was a good tackle!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. It was, but NFL Officials are DOG ****? Or didn't ya know?
  13. O-Line is holding up like a wet napkin!
  14. LOL, folks posting in the thread from last week about this game, can't blame them since they left it up!
  15. LOL, ya'll in the wrong thread.
  16. I'm ready to hire Rodney Harrison as our coach!
  17. Manuels Morons are doing their thang!
  18. Sanu's on a mission, nice throw Matt!
  19. I still remember when Julio used to catch those. <sniff>