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  1. They're a bunch of ****s, why not keep up the standard?
  2. I wouldn't piss in a Saints mouth if their teeth were on fire!
  3. Looks like he's CHOKING on Official Dog ****! LOL
  4. No ride in the Mercedes for the 'Aints!
  5. There it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Well, now we'll go to OT and see how the officials can **** up to decide who wins.
  7. Best news I've heard this year.
  8. Congratulations Matt Ryan!
  9. Because this team is lead by morons.
  10. Too afraid to even run a power I.
  11. LOL at Manuels Morons making Jamis look all hall of famish.
  12. I was taking dig too, I'll give you more grief than THAT if I'm getting wrapped around the axle! The reason I started watching him was a PFF article from mid last year, that a vast majority of his sacks were like that, it was an outlier I just hadn't glommed on to until I read that. I don't think Vics a bad player, but he drafted a higher than he should have based on what he's produced. Who knows, maybe there's room left for improvement!
  13. Well, I guess I'll have to listen to folks at work give everybody but Matt Ryan credit for today's win. lol. It is nice to finally see the team fired up and playing hard all game. Wish they could catch lightning in a bottle. Congratulations Falcons
  14. Ohhh, all caps, that's impressive!
  15. Illegal block before the ball reached its apogee for crying out loud! lol
  16. Vic gets more sacks off of other linemans pressure than I've ever seen from anyone. It's just amazing.
  17. Good recovery and follow through from the offense.
  18. Oh **** yes TECO, have a day!
  19. aaaarrrgggghhhhh! Arthur! Pleas
  20. It is oddly satisfying to see an offense far more inept than ours.