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  1. What's the point of watching the **** game if these incompetent pieces of dog **** can swing a game by a touchdown or more?
  2. With a penalty of course.
  3. Watching fat old women play at football. Well, at least the Braves are coming on.
  4. NFL Officiating derails another teams drive.
  5. Dog ate his dinner, screwed his wife, and **** on the couch. "We have some things to clean up", Dan Quinn
  6. This entire team is a ******* joke.
  7. In your dreams. (And mine)
  8. Smile *** hole, you got paid.
  9. More DOG **** NFL officiating, which is to say normal NFL officiating, in progress.
  10. This team is CURSED. They should conduct a LIVE SACRIFICE of Dan Quinn to remove it.
  11. They got his FLAG a couple times, then realized it was a RAG and this was tackle football.
  12. They do it ALL THE ******* TIME. It fools no one that way.
  13. It's like nobody told them they're actually supposed to TACKLE the guy. They think they should ESCORT them.
  14. Nothing like a QUINNING DEFENSE!
  15. Did you see those GIRLS not tackle?
  16. Wow, so if you throw the ball downfield your whole team doesn't drop dead the next play. I wonder if the coaches were paying attention?
  17. What a DISGRACE this defense is under the BIGGEST LOSER in Super Bowl history.