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  1. Would you mind elaborating on this for me? I'm guessing whatever you're referring to is why I can't find the game on uVerse?
  2. What channel is the Carolina game on tonight in Atlanta?
  3. Time to watch baseball, the Braves at least have pride in themselves.
  4. You filthy cowards, still unable to run the ball 4 times and gain 3 yards.
  5. NFL Officiating at its finest Don't delude yourself into thinking they actually give a crap.
  6. Utterly ******* inexcusably pathetic.
  7. I know how their fans feel, so are we.
  8. Would you hold still so I can tackle you? Please! I need a sack!
  9. It's like watching Murray State (with apologies to same)
  10. I think they call that a rough start!
  11. Keeping Ortiz, and Barner over Brooks-James I do not understand. That kid was electric.
  12. I get that, but if we lose Ryan, it's frigging over.
  13. There is a football God.