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  1. He's a good defensive coordinator, with a keen eye for talent. he should have been placed back into that role after the Superbowl.
  2. It starts at the top, with an owner that lets his head coach (who is the biggest Superbowl loser in history) hire his alcoholic pal with no NFL experience to be the offensive coordinator of one of the most talented squads in the NFL. Mind you this genius doesn't even interview any other candidates for the job. And it goes downhill from there, season after painful season. But even these facile buffoons can't keep this team from winning a game or two (even if it is in absurd asinine fashion).
  3. You ******** owe me some heart pills!
  4. The Dead Baby Defense of the Atlanta Falcons is hard at work!
  5. God Bless You Money Matt.
  6. You can't make this **** up.
  7. I know! Let's run toss sweeps!
  8. That's because we have MORONS leading this team.
  9. Sick and ******* tired of watching those slow *** sweeps.
  10. Yeah I thought ti was Cambell, but it was Takk. These dog **** officials need a horse laxative slipped in their coffee on the way home.
  11. The Dead Baby Defense is TRU to its name!
  12. Gawd dam choke hold on Cambell, you striped ******* kunts.
  13. The Dead Baby Defense of the Atlanta Falcons.
  14. Like taking candy from a dead baby.