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  1. I'd pass. He reminds me too much of Ashley Lelie.
  2. Wow. This might be Northwestern/Auburn all over again
  3. Gotta feeling that playcall is gonna be getting criticized a good bit for days to come
  4. This should be an interesting drive here. Iowa hasn't stopped them since the second half started. A touchdown would be huge for Tech.
  5. I'd be surprised if we see any more field goal attempts from GT
  6. I have no problem with him trying to draw the defense offsides, but I've always been against burning a timeout when it doesn't work. If the plan fails eat the 5 yards and punt. You never know when those timeouts will come in handy.
  7. What's wrong with sophomores winning the Heisman? That's part of the reason why the voting is so screwed up today. Everybody wants to attach special stipulations to the vote, i.e. must be an upperclassman QB or RB on a team playing for the national championship instead of just voting for the most outstanding player.
  8. I would vote for Suh but I think McCoy will win it. Even though he didn't have a good game against Nebraska he will get the benefit of the doubt after not winning it last year. This is how I think the order will be. 1) McCoy 2) Ingram 3) Gerhart 4) Suh 5) Tebow Tebow shouldn't even be there IMO. After the way Spiller ran last week it should be considered a crime for him to not at least get invited to the ceremony.
  9. There is a zero percent chance of that happening
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