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  1. I’d also like to see them pursue Richardson.
  2. Regrettably , there's been no injury updates to gleefully ponder.
  3. Rule #1: Rivals never upgrade in the offseason.
  4. They were an inconsistent 7-9. Hopefully, the contributing factors have been adequately addressed, but it's not like they're coming off a dumpster fire of a season.
  5. Stands to reason. PK just trying to make it through the summer assignments.
  6. He got reamed for his company stance during BG. Been getting his licks in ever since.
  7. It's all about moving the ball and the Saints have been very, very good doing it. The addition of Spiller is already scaring DCs I'm sure. Getting it into the end zone is where they've slipped some and JGs production there will be a challenge to replace.
  8. When it was interesting, but it got stale, Chef, bottomline.
  9. The court is not interested in evaluating Benson on the stand. That's the whole reason for using qualified experts.
  10. One chosen by the family, one chosen by Benson, and one independent. He cooperated so I don't see what you think he's hiding.Seems to me the family isn't happy with the findings if they want him to testify.
  11. He was evaluated by three specialists, two of which testified already I believe. There's zero need for him to appear before the court.
  12. Hard to gauge the team in 2012 much less count it in Sean's record. Saints have been successful and competitive under Payton. Unequivocally.
  13. I could've sworn someone was claiming we'd have to gut the team to sign all our picks.
  14. Another QB evaluation article for those in RC who enjoy the fellas at PFF. Teaser: 1 Andrew Luck 35 Peyton Manning https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2015/05/21/qbs-in-focus-against-the-blitz/
  15. They just know that after the obligatory Super Bowl to reward Arthur for getting his new moneymachine built that it's likely they'll seldom beat out the prime host sites.
  16. Stadium's fine. Didn't the lights go out because of some high $$$ system to prevent the lights from going out?
  17. I think the key issues to sort out before the season starts: 1 Who backs up Brees and do you carry three QBs. 2 Is the LG on the roster and does Peat win a starting job. 3 Who is the #3 WR. 4 How big a role will the TE group play in the passing game. 5 How they split the RB workload. 6 Will they extend Jordan's contract before next offseason. 7 How the new LB corps shakes out and have they found another pass rushing threat. 8 How fast the secondary comes together. EDIT: Oops, and who is the new kicker or will they end up bringing Graham back.
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