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  1. I’d also like to see them pursue Richardson.
  2. Regrettably , there's been no injury updates to gleefully ponder.
  3. Rule #1: Rivals never upgrade in the offseason.
  4. They were an inconsistent 7-9. Hopefully, the contributing factors have been adequately addressed, but it's not like they're coming off a dumpster fire of a season.
  5. Stands to reason. PK just trying to make it through the summer assignments.
  6. He got reamed for his company stance during BG. Been getting his licks in ever since.
  7. It's all about moving the ball and the Saints have been very, very good doing it. The addition of Spiller is already scaring DCs I'm sure. Getting it into the end zone is where they've slipped some and JGs production there will be a challenge to replace.
  8. When it was interesting, but it got stale, Chef, bottomline.
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