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  1. Jarrett's a nice pick. Hated to see it.
  2. Pats cleaning up in this round.
  3. I guarantee they'll keep only the ones that make the team.
  4. I like the Spencer signing. Competition at least.
  5. Only the top 51 count against the cap in the offseason.
  6. Saints don't need 7 mil to sign their picks initially. Cutting down to 53 might take care of it anyway.
  7. Seems like a win-win for Jahri and the club.
  8. If a player chooses a paycut over being cut, he's owed something? An outright cut with no option is better treatment?
  9. High praise, Git your high praise here.
  10. Front office needs to look into how to play the comp game.
  11. You know, giving it more thought. I'm willing to even count Graham three times so no argument here.
  12. Wut
  13. Watch out NFCS QBs
  14. Saints interested in Spiller?
  15. We'll have to see his cap hit to see if it was a straight paycut.