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  1. I moved here from Europe in 1994, been in Atlanta since 1996. The great Falcons run of 1998 was the year when I became interested in football. I have been a Falcons fan ever since. Nothing but Falcons for me!
  2. This problem is the main reason I don't visit the MB any more, just sick of getting kicked out every time there is a game or any other event. I am sure I am not the only one. One would think they would fix the problem for that reason, the whole point of having a MB is to keep the fans around.
  3. So, your team is playing a playoff game and you are on the Falcons MB? That spells loser!
  4. This just feels right. It feels like we are on the right track, this organization as a whole, as we are seeing the first signs of consistency. Congrats my birds!
  5. OMG! This would be a sack without the zebra in the way!!
  6. Finally we got a little break. Been a long season of others getting breaks over us.
  7. SO, basically we don't have a kicker this game?
  8. I have to say this was a dumbest decision I have seen in a while. Nothing good came out of it. WTF?
  9. We'll see from this call whether the zebras are fair or not. This is very similar to our challenge, not enough evidence to overturn.
  10. At first I was going to say this is a team game and no individuals should be blamed. But then I realized that honors are given in form of MVP to individuals so why not have LVP (least valuable player). My LVP goes to Elam. His missed field goals kept us from winning at least two games and that's a difference between going 9-7 and no playoffs and going 11-5 and making the playoffs as a wild card. And remember, winning those close games gives you confidence to play better the next week. So, it could have been an entirely different season with Elam making those field goals and a couple of passes
  11. The only way we can talk about the change of culture and being a good team is to establish consistency! That starts this weekend and a win that would give us B2B winning seasons! Cheers to that, let the Falcons fly high and happy New Year to everyone! Go birds!!!
  12. You realize you just made yourself look like an idiot?
  13. That is absolutely correct. And that is why I believe in this team in spite of some disappointments this year. I think we are on the right track to become a consistently good team. And hopefully consistent success will clean up these boards as well...
  14. Honestly, can't care less about what NO does. I want us to win out and get the first BTB winning seasons. And then to get well in the offseason and be the NO of 2010 season. It's all about the birds.
  15. We don't stand a chance by trailing the Aints by any margin at any point of the game. Only a 7+ point lead at halftime would give us a chance. The get the ball on kickoff in the 2nd half.
  16. Makes sense, Blank threw his franchise QB in prison on purpose so he can lose all the money invested and have the entire 2007 season go down in shambles. That was the objective. That's what business people do, just to have fun.
  17. With ATL fans cheering a player on the opposing team, I am surprised we are hanging on at all. That must have been very demoralizing for our players. No wonder it is taking us two full quarters to get our game on. I am surprised we are only 13 points behind. God, i hate our fan base.
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