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  1. I moved here from Europe in 1994, been in Atlanta since 1996. The great Falcons run of 1998 was the year when I became interested in football. I have been a Falcons fan ever since. Nothing but Falcons for me!
  2. This problem is the main reason I don't visit the MB any more, just sick of getting kicked out every time there is a game or any other event. I am sure I am not the only one. One would think they would fix the problem for that reason, the whole point of having a MB is to keep the fans around.
  3. So, your team is playing a playoff game and you are on the Falcons MB? That spells loser!
  4. This just feels right. It feels like we are on the right track, this organization as a whole, as we are seeing the first signs of consistency. Congrats my birds!
  5. OMG! This would be a sack without the zebra in the way!!
  6. Finally we got a little break. Been a long season of others getting breaks over us.
  7. SO, basically we don't have a kicker this game?
  8. I have to say this was a dumbest decision I have seen in a while. Nothing good came out of it. WTF?
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