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  1. Not justifying him. Im just comparing him to his 2017 class. Thats All. Some can layoff Thomas Dimitroff on the pick as well cause quite a few blame him for picking Takk. The numbers show that Takk wasn't a bad pick (Injuries and All ) . Been on this board a long long time, i enjoy Enjoy reading but rarely comment. On this Topic, i had to...
  2. Exactlly... Thanks vandy. Hence why i didnt talk about Injury of any of the players listed.
  3. I was really focusing on the guys drafted After Takk.... Trust me when i tell you i know Jonathan Allen is a beast and I admit that... And i wanted Barnett over Takk and both allen and Barnett went ahead of Takk.. I posted Carl Lawson numbers as well but even he didnt have more sacks than Takk neither I didnt add injury because we all complain about Takk being injured as well so that cancels itself out. Im not trying to cherrypick the data, but you get the overall point
  4. Exactly. While gathering the stats, man i realized how so many guys didnt do so well across all rounds in this class.
  5. I'M with you 100%. Even Rueben Foster was a bust. This thread made me go back and look at DE/linebackers from that draft class. Honestly of the players drafted after takk, only TJ Watt has truly outperformed Takk at DE/Outside Linebacker. I posted a thread with tabulated numbers for DE and the best performing linebackers from that class. We actually didn't draft badly taking Takk. Shoulder Injury and All. I remember gushing over Takk when he came out of college. The Only DE i wanted and though we could get based on where we picked was Derek Barnett and even that was a big time dream th
  6. To those who keep saying let Takk walk, some players were better than TAKK at DE. What was Thomas Dimitroff doing drafting Takk. I read a takk thread that talked about there were better defensive Ends drafted after Takk in that 2017 Draft class. I knew the statement was wrong. Well I took the time to lay out the number for all to see. Take from the numbers what you want. I added the linebackers that produced to this list because i know some will want to talk about TJ Watt. I added Solomon Thomas and Jonathan Allen since they were possible DE for some systems at draft time and bot
  7. So i can understand we may not like Takk due to his Immaturity, but i was actually glad we took Takk in 2017, the only player i remember wanting over Takk that season was Derek Barnett coming out of Tennessee. Anyways i went back and checked the sacks and numbers, the only 2 player That came remotely close to Takk's sack numbers at DE from that class are TJ Watt (obviously ) and Carl Lawson taken in round 4 by the Bengals. Most DE /Linebackers taken after Takk from that Class haven't shown anything. Even Solomon Thomas Taken 3rd overall in thst same class hasn't done anything
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