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  1. Mike McDaniel or Matt Lafluer were the logical replacement candidates. They knew the offense that the falcons ran and Matt Ryan didn’t want to have to learn another offense. Instead they hired Sark to run an offense that wasn’t his and it didn’t work out. Im not saying Lafluer or McDaniel would have had more success here than Sark, but given the situation, it most likely would have been a smoother transition. And for what it’s worth, do we really expect anyone who was hired to absolutely crash and burn with the weapons they were handed?
  2. Dirk and MM? I wonder is Ryan blew up on the front office about having to learn another offense. Are we going to talk to Terry Robiskie or Hue Jackson too???
  3. Ya I agree. He may get the title of DC since we won’t be making an outside hire with Quinn running defense At least, I assume that’s how they’re doing it.
  4. If he gets promoted he’s free to interview and leave when the job is offered to him. Would be weird to ask for a release before locking up another position.
  5. He seems to be in DQ’s ear A LOT whenever they show the sideline during games. I think he’s probably pretty valuable to Quinn. Doubt he’s going anywhere.
  6. Just seems valuable having a guy that’s worked with and coached the likes of Shannon Sharp, Todd Heap and Tony Gonzalez
  7. I’d like an explanation from DQ on this move.
  8. Kubiak is staying in Denver with his rule TBD according to Elway
  9. IMO if we’re 5-5 Thursday he’ll play, if we’re 4-6 he will be inactive.
  10. No, they designated him to return last week. From the date he’s disignated they have 21 days to decide if they want to activate him or not, so they still had like 14 days to decide. This is my understanding of the rule.
  11. I went to Cleveland 5 years ago to watch a series between the Jays and Indians, what a **** hole that city is. Not a lively place at all, construction everywhere, nothing but homeless people begging for money. I got arrested for being to drunk and noisy (maybe a little mouthy to the officer) in our hotel room lol. Maybe it’s changed in the last five years, but I certainly wasn’t a fan of the city when I visited.
  12. Does anyone have a gif of Calvin Ridley’s reaction after Italian Ice nailed that 56 yarder? It was hilarious
  13. Our offense looked exactly like KS’s did in 2016 today. Huge plays to wide open players off the play action
  14. We’ve done this for years. I’m not sure what our success rate is, but I know it’s high. It’s frustrating to watch, yes. But we seem to win more than we lose playing this way.
  15. Horrible start to a season.