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  1. Anyone know what the length of the contracts they signed? I see the lions signed Campbell for six years, but I didn’t see anything for the Falcons Hirings
  2. Let’s leave the old bits with the old regime and start fresh. Gotta be an original nickname we can give him.
  3. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/amp.tennessean.com/amp/6011325002 An article about how BB and Vrabel struggled to replace Dean Pees.
  4. I was reading an article that said he runs a pretty complex scheme that changes quite a bit from week to week based on the opponent. it’s a nice change from the basic scheme that DQ ran that just relied on speed. BUT wasn’t a very complex scheme an issue before DQ arrived? Where guys were having to think too much and became too slow to react?
  5. I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of this guy before the rumours, but he has been part of some GREAT teams. I’m all for hiring a guy with the amount of experience and success he has.
  6. Now we wait for the coordinators. The Rooney rule applies to hiring them now too, so it’ll be a slower announcement than in the past
  7. Falcons and Ian tweeted, I don’t know how to post the stupid links on iPhone lol
  8. He probably gave the falcons a list of candidates he wants as a HC and the falcons choose the candidate they like best of the list.
  9. Can the Falcons announce Homes or Fontenot, or do they have to wait until the Saints (🤞) Or Rams are eliminated?
  10. You’re right, I guess both Broncos and Falcons are giving second interviews today. I have to figure he signs with one of these two teams in the next little bit.
  11. Not sure if TF is having his second interview today or not. But it looks like we don’t have anymore interviews planned with new candidates. I wonder if we are getting close to a decision
  12. Probably to iron out contract length, maybe to talk about the coaches you’ve interviewed and what their vision is.
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