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  1. http://profootballmo...s-getting-shot/ So we won again! Falcons30, Eagles 17, whoo-hoo! That makes us an awesome 7-0 baby! The only undefeated team in the NFL, the top dog in the NFC, and the consensus #1 on EVERYONE’S power rankings. Yeahhhhhh! “Hi there! If I don’t win a Super Bowl, I’ll murder you and your entire family!” So I’ll tell you one thing: If I don’t get that *******, mother****ing Super Bowl ring THIS year, someone’s getting hurt. Look, I’ve paid my dues, okay? I was drafted in 1997! NINETY-SEVEN, people. CLINTON was president, for Christ’s sake! I’ve been getting my head bashed in for almost 15 years now. Do you have any idea how much it hurts to have guys like Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher, and Patrick Willis nailing the **** out of you play after play, week after week, for fifteen years? I can barely get out of bed in the morning to take a piss anymore. So why do I keep doing it? To get that beautiful, shiny, godamn mother****ing ring, that’s why. You have no idea how annoying it is talking to other tight ends. Heath Miller’s all, “Hey Gonzalez, too bad you don’t have a ring yet! I have two! I wish I coud give you one of mine, but you know it doesn’t work that way. You have to EARN these bad boys.” ****, I hate that guy. http://profootballmock.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/09000d5d8120e5ad_gallery_600-249x300.jpgGonzalez is known for having some of the best hands in the league, in part because they’re not weighted down with any Super Bowl rings. Hey, does this name ring a bell: Daniel Graham? Yeah, I know, you’re like, “Who? That name sounds kind of familiar.” Well, he was drafted in ’02, he’s played for four different teams, and he’s had less than 2,500 yards receiving in over ten seasons. Oh, and he also has TWO ******* RINGS. Gah! Even JEREMY SHOCKEY has two Super Bowl rings, and he won them playing on two different teams. SHOCKEY! And trust me, that guy’s pretty much the biggest, slimiest tool in the league. Meantime, I’VE played on two different teams over the course of a stellar, hall of fame career, I’ve always conducted myself with class, grace, and dignity, and what do I have to show for it? JACK-****. DAMMITT. I want my *******, mother****ing Super Bowl ring, and I want it THIS YEAR, or so help my God, Imma rain down death and destruction on every living thing within a five mile radius. You’re gonna turn on CNN one day, and you’re gonna hear, “breaking news out of Georgia: it seems legendary NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez has apparently gone on a wild killing rampage through downtown Atlanta. Residents of the city are advised to run for their ******* lives before the furious yet handsome player rips their ******* heads off. Now, here’s Tom with the weather…” Yep, that’s gonna be me. Super Bowl ring this year, or so help me, everyone will pay. EVERYONE. **** ME, I want that ******* mother****ing Super Bowl ring so ******* BAD
  2. i think our range is from 3-2 to 5-0, it depends if we win the lions game honestly. If we win that game we get through a brutal schedule 4-3 and at worst 1 game back in the NFC South. We should beat the colts, we always split with the saints so this one is a toss up, and we should win the rest of those games.
  3. I pretend im BVG calling plays and every time i say lets play zone. Then a player ask what play coach and i repeat Zone. Then when an opposing WR makes a wide open catch I say **** maybe it will work on the next play
  4. Duhhhh This is easy.... I would trade down in this scenario
  5. I am a little drunk so I could be wrong but this post could be used in an argument to hire MM because if they hire in house that is more of the same, so why not get a guy who mentored an up and coming qb and has been a head coach before.
  6. I remember whoever did it would update it each weak.... so this week it would be 9-7 staring us in the face
  7. There’s a new man at the top of our Offensive Player of the Year rankings. And it’s getting chilly in here. With ice running through his veins, the ultra-composed Matt Ryan is playing at a level right now that has us thinking we’re seeing a new guy entering the ranks of the elite QB. But he can’t afford to drop off given the quality of play we’re getting at the QB spot. There are some people you’ll be surprised not to see in this list. Roddy White is hurt by far too many penalties and bad plays (though he still ranks as our third overall receiver), Adrian Peterson has dropped out as the Vikings’ funk catches on to his most recent display and we’re ignoring the Michael Vick question for this week. So, just who did make the list? 1. Matt Ryan, QB, Falcons (+44.5) Ryan is playing such good football right now that any bad throw he makes is actually a bit of a shock. He was near flawless against the Rams as he dissected their defense and controlled the clock for another Atlanta win. Last week: 3rd
  8. The Falcons have a 0-1 record with teams who wear green this year I just don't see them overcoming that and winning this game.
  9. Are you crazy Grimes is a beast he does one of the best things a corner can do .... he does not beat himself he makes it so the QB has to make a perfect pass to complete it on him
  10. Sorry for the ne calling but you sir are a stupid face! First off Babs would play a De in a 3-4 so it would make little since for them to take babs. 2nd ... Name a better DT in a 4-3 then babs who plays almost every down and has a high motor, it's hard isn't it.
  11. I Think we should get peppers and make a push for the Superbowl because next year might be Abraham's last year with the falcons because of the possible lockout. Imagine the match up problems you would have with JA55, Peppers, and Babineaux, with those 3 on the field you cant double team all of them someone on the line will have to be one on one, also i think in our system he wont take plays off because i think Coach Smith will use him like he does Abraham and rotate him on and off the field, also i would be ok with him taking a play off during a double team because he is creating opportunity's for other guys. If we got Peppers Smith would flip flop them in the game between RE and LE, Which would further benefit us because it is hard enough to prepare for one of them so imagine how hard it is to prepare for both.
  12. The positive about this 2012 crap, is the possibility of finding a chick who believes in it and having crazy sex over and over again on December 20
  13. May I Ask for this message bored to help and Email news@foxbaltimore.com and demand they play the falcons Patriots Game
  15. Jerious had a real good season just imagine what it would be like if he was not hurt. Rushing Stats NAME ATT YDS AVG LNG TD FUM LST Jerious Norwood 95 489 5.1 45 4 1 1 Receiving Stats NAME REC YDS AVG LNG TD FUM LST Jerious Norwood 36 338 9.4 67 2 0 0 Return Statistics NAME ATT YDS FC AVG LNG TD ATT YDS FC AVG LNG TD Jerious Norwood 51 1311 0 25.7 92 0 0 0 0 0.0 0 0 Add that all together and that's 827 yards from Scrimmage and avg of 6.3 yds when he touches the ball and combine the return stats he put up 2138 total yards. KEEP IT UP IN THE PLAYOFFS NORWOOD!!!!!!!
  16. I dont post a lot but i have been a member for years just look at the topics if u look at my date i have been here for a while since it does not show it. i only post when i have something to say that i need to get off my chest.
  17. Yeah this Trolling is getting out of hand never have i seen this much trolling and I have been on the bored for a good 4 years. Another good idea other than having a certain amount of post to start a topic is to be a member one week before you can start a topic
  18. Article FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. — On Christmas Eve, it was difficult to maneuver through the section of the locker room where the Atlanta Falcons’ offensive linemen hang their helmets. The players’ ankle tape was peeled off, and one had to step around it so it would not stick to one’s shoe. There were clumps of mud and grass to dodge while cleats were strewn here and there. Skip to next paragraph Ryan and running back Michael Turner rewarded their blocker/protectors with flat-screen TVs. What made it an especially tight path were all those boxes holding 42-inch plasma televisions. Next to the cubicles of the starting offensive linemen, tight ends and fullback Ovie Mughelli was the merchandise of success: big-screen gifts from quarterback Matt Ryan and running back Michael Turner. “You take care of me, I take care of you,” Turner said. Turner and Ryan, two of the biggest offensive surprises of the 2008 N.F.L. season, have been well taken care of by the Falcons’ line, which has made a startling redemption from a dismal 2007 season. It is basically the same players who gave up 47 sacks in 2007, but have allowed just 16 this season. The same line that could not plow for its running backs last season (its 95 rushing yards a game was 26th in the N.F.L.), leads a ground game that averages 145 yards, fifth best in the league. The Falcons are 10-5 and have reached the playoffs behind Ryan, who could be the N.F.L. rookie of the year, and Turner, who is starting for the first time in his career after backing up LaDainian Tomlinson in San Diego. Their custodians on the line are led by center Todd McClure, a 10-year veteran, and left tackle Todd Weiner, an 11-year veteran. The cast also includes left guard Justin Blalock, who has been in the N.F.L. two seasons, and right tackle Tyson Clabo and right guard Harvey Dahl, who were undrafted free agents when they came into the league in 2004 and 2005. Tight ends Ben Hartsock and Justin Peelle also received TVs. “We went through a lot last year, and the one thing we never did was turn on each other,” Clabo said. “We knew we had the talent, and then here comes this assistant coach, Paul Boudreau, with all this experience, and the game is fun again. Last year, they tried to kill all the fun with Petrino.” The line called its offensive meeting room the No Fun Zone under the former head coach Bobby Petrino, who quit before the end of a 4-12 season. It became a morose team, especially during team meals, when silence was ordered and the only noise was forks spearing food on plates. “This year, we’re clowns again,” Clabo said. Other teams, however, prefer harsher labels for the Atlanta line. Denver linebacker Jamie Winborn insists the Falcons are part-time thugs with hits just after the last tweet of the whistle. Other opponents have been incensed by a physical style they claim is borderline dirty. Weiner listened to the description of the Falcons’ play and smiled at McClure, who smiled back. “We are going to come out and play to the whistle, and it makes guys mad,” Weiner said. “You go to the whistle, and there are guys who think it’s a cheap shot. When has playing to the whistle been a cheap shot? Don’t stop blocking. Guys in this league aren’t used to that, and all of a sudden it’s cheap.” McClure said Boudreau barked at the linemen the first few days of training camp when he did not think play was physical enough. The coach wanted an extra shove, or two. The acerbic identity of the line bloomed in a preseason game against Tennessee. There were moments, McClure said, when the officials lost control as players shoved one another after the whistle in what was supposed to be an inconsequential game. “That game sent a message,” McClure said. “That Tennessee bunch is a physical bunch, and they are always trying to jump on a pile and hit your backs late. So we wanted to step up to the challenge, and it kind of got a little out of hand. It took off after that game for us. There was extra shoving and pushing, and they didn’t like it. We realized it would be a lot of fun to do that the whole season.” The chief agitator, Weiner said, is Dahl, a 6-foot-5, 305-pound guard who came off the line so hard on one touchdown run by Turner against Carolina this season that he almost knocked himself out hitting a defender. “I have received a lot of comments across the line; they are always talking about Harvey,” Weiner said. “They say: ‘What’s wrong with that guy? Does he have some screws loose?’ He just plays hard.” The passion of the line explains some success on run plays. On pass plays, Clabo said, Ryan has a lot to do with the low number of sacks because of his pocket presence and his ability to get rid of the ball quickly. “It changes the way people rush us,” Clabo said. “A lot of teams work line games in their pass rush, but now they don’t think they can get to the quarterback, so we’re getting a lot of bull rush. They are trying to collapse the pocket because they don’t think, if they work moves, they can get to Matt before the ball is gone.” The Falcons’ line can now watch the highlights of Ryan’s success, and their handiwork on the big screens provided by their quarterback and running back.
  19. no we should move shockley to number 2 QB and have him throw it deep on forth down lol if we even have a forth down in the game, I once through 73 yards on the run on All Madden With DJ
  20. **** ya go falcons just got ****ed up and chilled with some girls
  21. yeah lets stop worrying about the few people we want in the probowl and instead lets send 53 players to the superbowl
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