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  1. I'm on board with the idea of HD assuming some return duties again - for whatever reason, his ability to catch the ball has really regressed this year. Maybe with a full offseason were he is healthy he can start to improve in that respect, but he's been anything but a sure thing on offense this season...
  2. ESPN's Trey Wingo reporting that "X-Rays on Roddy White's knee were negative" #atltb10 That's certainly good news...
  3. I thought Dunta played decent except for the one play where he fell down after the receiver turned the slant upfield. It looked like they were going after Grimes for most of the game though, which makes sense considering the size and reach of the receivers they had. He did a good job though - the one big play he gave up was pretty much a perfect throw that he couldn't do anything about. But again it's not like our secondary got roasted today - less than 200 yards given up and more than half of those on two big plays. One of those was a perfect throw by Freeman where no defender would have had a chance, and the second was where Dunta fell down. If you take out those two plays, Freeman was 9/20 for 88 yards with a TD and 2 picks, which is pretty darn good. If we can avoid big plays like those, we could be looking at one of the top pass defenses in the league...
  4. Both Suh AND Welker kick extra points today? What in the world?????
  5. Bucs being out of timeouts is gigantic. Totally different game if they hadn't wasted them earlier.
  6. If the Bucs were smart they would have challenged the play instead of just calling timeout as the clock ran out since at that point what do you have to lose?
  7. If I coached an NFL team, that would be my offensive strategy - underthrow balls to deep receivers and make the officials call PI 15 times a game.
  8. If Grimes doesn't stumble out of the break, he might have been able to force him out of bounds before the catch was completed.
  9. If we run the ball up the middle 3 straight times, even if we only get 5 yards total, that puts us in position to maybe try a long field goal. Aren't going to win many games where we are forced to punt inside the 40...
  10. Well that certainly was a dumb series by our offense. Run the ball up the middle! They haven't stopped that all day!
  11. So how about we run it right up the middle (where it is working) instead of to the outside (where it isn't)?
  12. No defense for that throw. Have to get more pressure on Freeman so that he doesn't have time to make that throw.
  13. GIGANTIC break there. Can't overemphasize how lucky we were to get that back.
  14. That's twice we've been burned by being too aggressive on kick coverage. Need to adjust and have 2 or 3 safeties to make sure that doesn't happen - can give up decent returns but no way we should be burned for long returns twice in the same game...
  15. Now I really want to see a highlight of Suh's extra point attempt for the Lions. I wonder if it was anywhere close to being good?
  16. Good play. Make the field goal here and make it a 2 TD game.
  17. Good play by Roddy after the mistake - would have been an easy pick if he hadn't interfered.
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