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  1. For whatever it’s worth: https://www.inquirer.com/eagles/kyle-pitts-2021-nfl-draft-philadelphia-20210428.html “I’m nobody’s dummy. I don’t want to go to Denver, nor do I want to go to New England. I don’t want to go anywhere it’s cold. I’ve been living here 30 years and change. I’m ready for some pure heat. I think Jerry’s got something up his sleeve that’s going to shock everyone. That’s just my personal opinion. Doesn’t mean a lot.”
  2. https://www.inquirer.com/eagles/kyle-pitts-2021-nfl-draft-philadelphia-20210428.html Hey, look, all of this was to be expected. The father of the best player in this year’s NFL draft has been a busy man lately, and Kelly Pitts knew that he would be, as the most important night of his son’s life drew near. There was the day less than two weeks ago that an NFL Films crew visited Archbishop Wood High School to shoot a feature about Kelly’s son, Kyle: Abington native, Wood graduate, University of Florida star, a surefire top-10 pick Thursday night. There was the day that the Pitts family
  3. http://www.espn.com/blog/new-england-patriots/post/_/id/4800552/tale-of-the-tape-defenses-of-falcons-patriots-couldnt-be-more-different Things are looking up for the future!
  4. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think high-level professional athletes care one bit about their stats or touches in a meaningless preseason game. All they probably care about is getting their reps in and staying healthy. And finishing the game so they can get to the postgame food spread and go spend time with their families.
  5. Falcons - 10 VT (Football) - 9 GT (Football) - 7 Hawks - 6 VT + GT (Basketball) - 4
  6. That's highway robbery right there. Edwards should fire his agent for negotiating that deal. Can't say I'm complaining though...
  7. If "winning the offseason" was the game, Redskins would have been world champs for the last half decade running. Ignoring the fact that over that time they've averaged 6 wins a year and are now trading their "prized" acquisitions for pennies on the dollar...
  8. I'm not sure he would have made the roster anyway. No OTAs or minicamps will make it real tough for any UDFAs to make rosters this season, especially since we just drafted a RB.
  9. He was a good player in college when healthy, but I don't know if he has the frame to hold up to punishment in the NFL. In all honesty it will be an uphill battle for any UDFA to make the roster after missing OTAs and minicamps, but if he's completely healthy I could see him potentially making an impact somewhere down the road.
  10. I grew up in Blacksburg (home of Virginia Tech), and really started getting in to football about the time Vick led us to the national championship game. I followed him when he was drafted by the Falcons, and really got hooked on the team. I've been a die-hard fan of the team ever since, and am really looking forward to getting to go to some of the games for the first time this upcoming season (now that I've graduated from GT and actually have money to go to games).
  11. Ravens are really cleaning house up there. I don't think we'll make a play for Heap, although he would be an interesting option as both a receiver and a blocker. His best days are behind him though, and nothing I've read seems to indicate that the front office is unhappy with where we are at that position in the short term. We definitely do need to start thinking about Gonzo's replacement though.
  12. For the first time since the Jack Harding MVP Award’s inception in 1963, a kicker won the award. Yes, a kicker. Junior placekicker Matt Bosher was voted by his teammates and coaches as the Canes’ Most Valuable Player last year. He was also named a semifinalist for the Lou Groza Award, given annually to the nation’s best kicker. Bosher’s standout performance as a sophomore provided stability to a team in serious need. The 2007 Hurricanes squad managed a level of overall inconsistency that was simply astounding. In 2008, however, Bosher brought consistency to one of the most important but ofte
  13. I give the draft an A just because of Quizz and Julio. How often does a team that was the top seed in their conference get a player of Julio's caliber in the following draft? And Quizz will be the steal of the draft before all is said and done - underestimate him at your own risk. That performance he had against USC in '08 is one of the greatest sporting events that I have seen in my lifetime. As for the other picks, eh, I'm sure some will pan out and some won't. Dent - a versatile linebacker, team captain in college, probably a core special teamer at least for years to come. Might have th
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