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  1. Or it shows that he is AWFUL?
  2. He’s alright, little odd. But alright.
  3. My god buffalo has NO offense and Taylor sucks it still amazes me we lost to them
  4. That wasn’t “schemed” open that was blown coverage dude know the difference
  5. Excellent. First time all season. I’ll give him credit, but please, this is the FIRST TIME ALL SEASON
  6. Whatever you say. A 1 score game until 5 minutes left is to close for comfort when you DOMINATE the TOP. So yes, GTFO
  7. Or perhaps it was Ryan who finally bent and trusted the process. Kyles offense required timing, Kyles offense didn’t allow Ryan to make many adjustments because each series was planned out, one play set up the next and so fourth. Kyle got Matt Ryan to do things he didn’t like doing but it made him an MVP. Look at what he’s doing now in SF now that he has a legit QB. They’re looking like a playoff team next year. Think 9er fans aren’t excited about the future now since that trade? Ryan is a good QB, Shanahan made him look like a top 3. Now he’s back to ranking somewhere around 9 or 10. Sarks offense looks nothing like it. We don’t seem to set up defenses with 1 play after another. Its almost like Sark just looks at the playsheet “hmm its 3rd and medium, heres 10 plays in the 3rd and medium category... eenie meenie miny mo, Matt run this one!”
  8. Are you really trying to suggest that the performance going down on offense isn’t largely due to the offensive coord situation? Not only that Sark is NOT a NFL offensive coord but also just the change in general? Why can’t this team find an offensive coord that sticks around more than 2 years. Matt Ryan has had more new offenses to deal with in half his career than most franchise QB’s deal with their entire careers. And Sark is an easy target because the piece of the puzzle that he is doesn’t fit. Had Quinn actually picked someone with some friggen NFL experience, or even a PROVEN track record the blame would be a lot more on the players if we were still performing this way
  9. You do know for every “good” play you attribute to Sark that failed because of execution there are, as stated, as many plays he dials up that are telegraphed to the opposition. 4th and 1 and we’re going for it? Lol, bet your *** its a run up the middle and NOBODY spread out wide to even make them THINK we might try something else.
  10. Yep, but also missing a major cog in the offense. And it can’t be a player since we largely returned the same group
  11. And you would have a fair point if this team looked anything like last years in more than ONE game, which was week 2.
  12. The problem is, this team is not capable of that run. It may be mostly the same players, but the spark that lit the fire last year went across the country. For as much as people want to find film of Sarks better plays that “would have worked if we didn’t drop it” he equally as often if not more often telegraphs plays in frequent game situations. Seriously... there is a reason this offense looks flat out incapable of scoring so often
  13. They are going to be a playoff team for a few years, the question can be applied to future seasons. That is, if this team loaded with talent can actually find a way to not eek out 9 wins in a season by playing dumb
  14. Thats why if you can put an effective person in charge of drafting you do what the Pats do... tell the guys that want to get paid to take a hike. Next man up
  15. A couple times after we completed passes I was prepared for a flag to be thrown “The Falcons just completed a pass, thats unacceptable, thats a 20 yard penalty and automatic loss of 3 downs, the ball will be given to the Saints on the goal line, first and goal”
  16. But yet, Sark isn’t a problem because of “oh drops” gimme a break
  17. Right, when a coach grabs his arm clearly on TV and says get on the bench... thats JJ wanting to take a play off. GTFO
  18. I can’t stand this forum sometimes. OP needs a BEATING. JJ was going back to the huddle and a coach pulled him out
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