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  1. Seemed like blown coverage to me. When a defensive back flat out forgets what he’s supposed to do that doesn’t make it automatically a great play call. Problem is, and frustratingly so, those types of shots to Julio used to be commonplace in this offense... that type of stuff was gone this year save for what, 4 times?
  2. Lol, we would run 3 times up the middle and punt
  3. It was a gif of a flag being raised that said “B.S” but I guess it doesn’t play in the avatar lol
  4. You must be right, as the only season Julio knew how to run routes was when we had a legit NFL offensive coord right! JJ just forgot all the other years?
  5. Dude shut it, the only plays designed for Julio in our entire playbook is ******* jump balls. Doesn’t matter who you are if jump balls is all you get thrown your way
  6. So Antonio Brown more often than not winds up with 9+ catches, 120+ yards and 2 scores, yet our star with, as much talent, more in some areas, can’t get the ******* ball the way Brown does. Sorry folks, that is an offensive coordinator issue
  7. Jump balls are low percentage plays no matter who it is. Problem is we have NO other play to JJ in the end zone
  8. You want his millions to go along with a brain thats probably gonna be mush when he’s 45 due to the way he plays?
  9. Nah, the true fans were just outpriced. Blank wanted the seats filled by corporate accounts, he got what he wanted
  10. Like me, lol. Born and raised in NY. Wish i could say I’m used to losing also being a Mets fan, well, guess I’m used to it, doesn’t make it easier
  11. Sark... “hmmm 2nd and 10... run up the middle where we’ve gotten stuffed all game”
  12. Nope. He was a nonfactor almost the entire season. One year wonder
  13. Didn’t say we played the part. But on paper... yes, *arguably* as said, we are
  14. Vs what is arguably the most talented offensive team in football... but hey, #4 defense means 0 pts for a half in acceptable? That one TD off a muffed punt is just, well, normal
  15. “We knew it was gonna be a battle” RIGHT ON CUE!!!! Hahahahahaha. Sick of this BS. F you Quinn
  16. We said that last year, and again after the draft. We weren’t.
  17. Need Takk, Clayborn and Jarrett to show up in a big way, and paging Beasely, you’re welcome to join the pass rush at any time
  18. Like us? We love dropping back 30 yards and giving up 20 easy yards
  19. I hope the Vikings DESTROY the Saints. But sadly, that isn’t happening with a game manager at QB like Keenum
  20. I don’t know man, watching him last year, to me he looked good and made some nice catches. This year, I started out defending him to the end but as the season wore on... I started pretty much thinking that he’s awful
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