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  1. Our offensive line is like Obamas immigration policy let everybody through hahahaha I lol’d.
  2. Well you certainly can’t be a Falcons fan rooting for the Patriots lol. I hate rooting for the team that beat my team, so F the Eagles. Personally don’t care if either Jax or Min win, but Min would be cool for that reason alone, helps the legacy of that victory
  3. What’d we score... 11 TD’s the final 7 games. Yea, trash. I’m tired of FG’s. Sarks offense moves the ball down the field alright, until we get to the 30 and it stops
  4. I thought he was all about the american heart association
  5. Well just because Ryan didn’t publicly criticize playcalling doesn’t necessarily mean he didn’t. But I also don’t think Ryan and shanny got along all that well either. But Shanny turned him into an MVP by forcing him to do things he wasn’t used to doing. Seems as though we just went back to Matts comfort zone and as a result he reverted back to what he always had been
  6. Only problem is, if the same predictable offense goes out next year and stumbles to another middle of the NFL ranking despite the talent... that WILL be the end of sark and it will pretty much close our window if we then try to bring in yet ANOTHER new system for what will then be players exiting their primes
  7. This thread mussent end! I am dying! Lol
  8. No its just a total crapshoot don’t pretend it isn’t. No team really expects much more than a practice squad player in the 5th round
  9. Mmmmmm yess scott your tears are so yummyyy hows your mr and mrs tennerman chili scottt mmmmmmm your tears
  12. This game is over. Saints gonna kick
  13. Way to much time considering they still have 1 TO
  14. Julio performed just fine last year and you weren’t bitching about him missing practices at the same rate he was this year were you? Didn’t think so.
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