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  1. Well said. Seems like our successful offensive plays are more luck than anything. But exploiting another teams weakness is something Sark is clueless on
  2. Doesn’t seem to be a problem with AB... but I’m not knocking Julio. I entirely think its the team or coaches, for some reason, this team cannot complete passes to WR’s in the endzone. I think if AB was on this team it would be the same story
  3. “We knew it was gonna be a battle”
  4. No point in trying some people are blind followers
  5. I’ve been saying since the tear they went on at the end of last season... SF is a 11-5 team this year, bank on that. And thats scary, just one more team to get by to make the ultimate goal
  6. Bottom line is, our coaches are inept at using Julio the way he should be used and yet he puts up numbers despite that. But when every ******* play design to JJ in the end zone is a simple yet low percentage jump ball thats stupid coaching
  7. Had we somehow made it... we would have probably gotten rocked. We simply weren’t the same team this year and we blew what might be the best chance at a ring we’ll ever get
  8. NE also had to go for it on a couple of 4th downs early in the 4th... we stop them on even ONE of them and they probably wouldn’t have had enough time to complete the comeback as they tied the game with what... under a minute left? No reason to keep saying if this if that. A LOT of things went wrong that made that blow up
  9. We were also only 3 or 4 plays away from a 6-10 record
  10. Ugh, this crap again. Simply because we’ve always been known as a losing franchise we’re not allowed to complain when we have a talented roster and play like crap with it.
  11. Thats great, hope they can hold teams to 1 FG every game next year so maybe we can have a shot at winning
  12. Had we somehow made it... THIS YEARS Falcons team would be the team down 28-3 vs Patriots only there would be no comeback
  13. Games over. Can’t ask for a SB between two teams i hate more.
  14. EPIC hold not called. Good job NFL. Way to protect your precious Patriots
  15. Another SB for NE. More “GOAT” talk. God I can’t stomach this crap
  16. Refs have given this game to NE
  17. Lol we were called for holding on THREE straight plays. But the Patriots never hold I guess
  18. Refs just can’t let anyone upset the Patriots
  19. LOL are you really gonna say that? We were coming off a year in which our offense was the 7th best in NFL HISTORY. The Jags have BLAKE EFFING BORTLES. Stop defending Sark
  20. Brady looked scared on that sack.
  21. It was execution bro... execution. Sark didn’t drop passes because his routes were getting WR’s mugged on every play! EXECUTION I TELL YOU
  22. Jags are gonna get smoked and this sucks
  23. We went from being a prolific history making offense, to a laughing stock incompetant offense, with only 2 real personel differences... Chester and Sark. Lol. But it was “execution” alright... gimme a break
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