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  1. Seriously? Could they? The dude has 8 carries for 18 yards yet everytime he's on the field it's "Well John Grudens dad told him he had Emmit Smith Jr on the sideline in Earnest Graham, you can just see the way he pushes forward for yardage, just shows what a GREAT back he is"
  2. put in Redman, PLEASE. Ryan is not right for this game right now.
  3. give me a break. Schaub has quite possibly the WORST offensive line in the NFL.
  4. I'm so glad we're not in Miami's situation too. I mean we all know Pennington is in Bill Parcells long-term plan to turn them around!
  5. That's because nobody has ever been given a chance. We hire and fire if someone doesn't turn it around on a dime. I seriously hope Smith is giving FOUR solid years to do his thing. If we don't show ANY improvement, then I can see getting rid of him. You can't turn this team around in a year. Much less 3 when you don't sign anyone good or draft anyone good, like what Mora had to deal with.
  6. I don't know what it would take to please some of the fans on this message board. Honestly. They give a GM a week on the job and already call him a bust. Jesus christ.
  7. He's 30... THIRTY. That's middle of your f--king prime, what more do you want. I'm so sick of people on this forum acting like if you're over 25 you're old. For christ sake I think I read the other day someone say Hall wasn't worth bringing back because he's getting old. Redman is not the long term answer, but he is by NO MEANS old, genius
  8. So basically the whole team... brilliant GM you'd make.
  9. typical Falcons... anytime we get a lead late, our defense is sure to let the other team just march right back down the field and tie/win it.
  10. didn't he not play in a game earlier this year due to injury? Or is this games he's played in. Eh, either way, it was bound to happen, considering the fact that he used to get the rock 5-6 times every game, and now, we only throw to him once or twice. Love the way our top offensive recieving threat was completed faded out of the program this year.
  11. Norwood is averaging around 4 ypc this year... if you take away his 4 25+ yard runs this year, he has 71 carries for 304 yards. Either way, he isn't gonna get more carries because our defense can't stop anybody, forcing us to throw to catch up. And in the games I've watched this year, everytime the ball gets handed to a RB, there's 3 defensive lineman in their face that weren't blocked at all... so how is it Dunn's fault that he's been ineffective. Look at the Saints game, everytime he got the rock he was tackled in the backfield. The offensive line can't open up ANY holes. We clearly miss Alex Gibbs right now.
  12. PlSS OFF, the forum is full. Thanks! :-)
  13. I may believe we'll turn this around and get back to where we should be in a couple years, but to say you're more proud now than ever before is just plain stupid... believing is one thing, but saying that is just plain stupid. Blank may be committed to winning but we wont win sh-t until he learns to butt the **** out of decisions that effect how this team plays.
  14. no thanks to Brian Billick. It's not so much that he couldn't make that offense work with ****** players, it's the fact that he was giving the opportunity and HAND PICKED guys like Kyle Boller... shows his scouting value, which is #####.
  15. I'd think that's the first thing we need. If our players can't handle a coach like that then they aren't tough enough. Grow a set of balls and learn to ##### listen to someone who knows more than you. Those are the coaches that find success, not the ones that let the players run rampant.
  16. wouldn't help anyway. People would be calling for his head next year because no matter who we bring in... we need to be prepared for another losing season next year. Nobody can turn this wreck around over one season but that's all people here are willing to give a coach. People here were calling for Petrinos head after 3 games...
  17. You're an idiot. And if you're gonna send a letter, for the love of christ, try checking your f-cking grammar first. A third grader could have written a better letter.
  18. The man does have a history of turning train wrecks around... he's exactly the style of coach we need right now. Any chance we at least contact the guy?
  19. Watch the game ******. Everytime Warrick Dunn got a carry there were 3 Saints in his face. Our offensive line is ******** pathetic. Quit playing it off as if Norwood rushed for 130, aside from his longest run, which was a mind-blowing highlight of the week 6 or 7 yards, he had like 13 yards on 6 carries, so shut your ******** mouth. Warrick Dunn isn't the problem.
  20. waste of time reading that. NONE of those 5 players listed will be going anywhere in the offseason.
  21. the difference between Dunn and Norwood is that Dunn tries a lot more often to use his blockers to set up his run... and this year they're just pathetic at blocking because of the new scheme. Norwood on the other hand... he's impatient, and runs away from his blockers when he doesn't see a lane right away. Norwood is faster because of his youth but Dunn's ineffectiveness has not been because Dunn is simply to old. You don't go from averaging 4.5ypc to 3. Keep in mind the loss of Vick is hurting this whole team, especially the running game. He opened up a lot on his own. Dunn is getting stuffed by the 2-3 guys on defense who would normally be spying Vick trying to contain him.
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